Debunking The Mandela Effect Do You Know The Truth?

Has it ever happened that you undeniably remember an event going on in a certain way? Also, you share it with others only to find out it didn’t happen that way at all?

This is a typical lapse of your memory, but what if others remember the event in the same way as you?

This is not a confabulation, and this is relatively bigger than that.

mandela effect
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Theorists have often tried to explain this phenomenon through the means of alternate realities.

People in today’s world believe that there prevail multiple realities in which occurrences undergo in a somewhat discrete manner, and we can sporadically “slither” through them without realising, this way we have memories that are different from what really happened in our reality.

Theorists also believe that this might be due to travelling through time. People when, if travel to the past, influence the time line in explicit ways, renovating the reality but not affecting our memories of it. Through this, they could easily leave in a state of embarrassment when we find out our mind has deceived us.


Let me ease this bombshell of information with examples you might relate to. But remember, it will mess with your brain!

First of all, everyone is well acquainted with the tale of Snow White. We clearly remember the “Evil Queen” standing in front of the mirror reciting ‘Mirror, Mirror on the Wall!’ Now, what if I told you that your memory had deceived you? What she literally uttered in the movie was “Magic Mirror on the Wall!

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The theory acquires its name “The Mandela Effect” because of instances that occurred after Nelson Mandela’s death in 2013. Thousands of disheartened people were sitting in front of the television, with memories of Mandela dying way back, in prison. All these people might have thought that they were mistaken, but in a way, they weren’t. If you remember Mandela dying in 1991, then you might not be erroneous.

There are many other instances where this is applicable. For our pop culture fans, Forrest Gump said “Life was a box of chocolate,” not “is” and Darth Vader said “No, I am your father,” not “Luke I am your father.”

darth vader phenomenon
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There are various feasible elucidations behind this and assorted perspectives.

What you prefer to deduce is up to you, but what we can all confess is, we have been a victim of the Mandela Effect.

nelson mandela
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