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7 Unique Bottle Decoration Ideas

Bottle decoration has been quite a trend in the current decade. Wine bottles, beer bottles, long bottles of aerated drinks are the ones that can be used to create some phenomenal bottle decoration for the home interior.

Here is this amazing list in which you can find a variety of bottle decoration ideas. You can use any type of glass bottle as well as a variety of products including paint colours, glitter, and numerous decorative materials can be used according to your colour preferences. You can always add a little spark by adding some customizations like pictures or your name to bottle decoration craft ideas.

7 Unique Bottle Decoration Ideas

1. The Glitter Way

Glitter is one of the most amazing decorative elements that gives shine and brightness wherever and whenever it is used. You can use wine bottles or beer bottles for applying glitter. This bottle decoration would add much more charm to your home interiors. It could even be tweaked to give off a vibe that can match your current interior colours.

Cover the entire bottle with glue using a small paintbrush. Next, slowly apply the glitter over the entire bottle. Now, these bottles can be placed on a dining table or in your living room. You can even add some fairy lights to the bottle. Let’s agree when there is no way- glitter is the way!

2. Some Shells Please!

Do you wish to give your home a healing and cozy beach vibe? Well, if you do, then some shells on a bottle would fulfil this desire of yours! Shells have been widely used in a variety of crafts. Shells come in different colours, whether it is white, blue, or even multi-coloured. You can use a wine bottle or a whiskey bottle for the bottle decoration process. Stick different kinds of shells to the bottle.

You can choose open shells or close ones. One can even use star-shaped decorative ones that resemble a starfish. This would completely customize the vibe of the place where you wish to place the bottle. One can even paint the bottle in shades of blue to impart an absolute beach aura.

3. Paint It Out

If you are missing out on a variety of decorative materials, here is a way to decorate your bottle without using any. Sticking materials to the bottle can be a little tricky since glue takes time to stick. In such a case, painting is one of the most convenient options for people who love to channel their creativity at home. You can use acrylic colours or poster colours with a mixture of glue to paint the bottles.

Some of the most amazing bottle designs could be painted in incomplete metallic colours or all black. Even bright colours that match the colour scheme of the room can be used. Once the bottles are painted, you can apply varnish over them so that the colour does not get off the bottle. Voila! You’re done with the bottle decoration!

4. Jute

Jute is again one of the most convenient materials for crafting ideas. Jute thread is thick enough to cover the entire bottle easily. This thread gives a gothic and vintage look. Take the thread and roll it over the bottle. In this case, you might even use a milkshake bottle, a wine bottle, or a ketchup bottle.

Once the jute is rolled over the bottle completely from top to bottom, you can start decorating the bottle. You could write family members’ names on each bottle or write a special message with acrylic colours on every single bottle. These bottles can even be decorated with stones, shells, and artificial flowers.

5. Pebbles

Pebbles are amazing for the bottle decoration craft. They have this amazing characteristic to look beautiful enough to reflect the light placed within these bottles. If you’re planning to add some fairy lights to the bottles, you must surely decorate the bottle with pebbles. Go for some light green or light blue coloured pebbles since they would reflect the lights even better in a dark room.

This can be done to any wine or beer bottle. While decorating, make sure that you use a single colour or any of the two-colour combinations to add a touch of personalization to the bottle. Once the pebbles are stuck over the entire bottle, place fairy lights inside and let it light it up the room.

6. Glass Painting Colors

Bottle decoration would be incomplete without the utilization of glass paints. Glass painting colours are specifically designed to be used on glass surfaces. They give out amazing colour combinations compared to acrylic colours. Go for any design of your choice.

Glass painting colours have a more transparent finish to them, adding fairy lights to the bottles cherry on the cake. Draw a unique design with a black outliner provided in the Glass Painting kit. Let it dry and wait for the phenomenal reflection of the shades!

7. Fill Them Up!

Bottle decoration is one of the unique crafting ideas to enhance the look of your place. There are various ways to use a waste glass bottle. One of the best ways to decorate them is to fill them up with something interesting that would intensify the charm of your home. When talking about wine bottles, you could fill them with little stones or with some sand and shells.

Glitter, confetti, cereals, and artificial marbles are all elements that can fill a bottle. Another amazing decoration idea is that you can add a personal touch to your bottles by wrapping a satin ribbon around the neck of the bottles. Please place them in different locations to enhance customization at home or office.

Try these amazing bottle decoration ideas, and let us know which one was your favorite! If you have any suggestions or additions to these ideas, let us know in the comments section below. 

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