7 Tips To Make An Anniversary Special During The Lockdown

Anniversary is one special day, and no matter what, it is crucial to celebrate this day. A couple has quite a few ideas when it comes to celebrating their anniversary. They either wish to travel to their favorite weekend getaway. Or organize a dinner party or a big party and celebrate this day with their family and friends. Unfortunately, due to coronavirus, doing any of these things is not possible. The lockdown restricts our movement, and since it is for our good, we have to follow that.

But that doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy your anniversary. Or make the anniversary of your close friends and family special. It is tougher to make the anniversary of your sister and jiju memorable in this lockdown, as the house is different. But never mind the distance! We have some tips that will help you make the anniversary of your sister or anyone special. Let’s make their anniversary special during the lockdown.

1. Write and send them a special message

Write and send them a special message

Use a romantic and emotional happy anniversary quote for your sister and send it to her. Start their day by sending them a text with a happy anniversary message or quote. You can also send them a bouquet or cake, as these services are working even in lockdown. You can write your special quote on the message card. It will bring a smile on their face, and their day will start on a happy note.

2. A card game

A card game

If you live with your sister, this game is easy for you to execute. Otherwise, you can ask someone from the family to create 52 cards using a normal pen and paper. On each paper, write a dare which is fun or embarrassing. The couple has to do every dare, and if they say no, there can be a punishment for the same. It is easier if you are there, but no worries, you can monitor the game on a video call. It will be fun as you can be the one to punish your sister or brother-in-law if they don’t do one of the dares.

3. Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are one gift that you can still send no matter in which zone of containment you are. A gift voucher for Amazon or other shopping giants or for a salon or local shop, whatever you can get your hands on is a great gift option. Your sister and brother-in-law can get anything they like once the lockdown is over or things get better.

4. A video anniversary message

A video anniversary message

Ask all your family members and close friends of a couple to record an anniversary wish and send it to you. Once you get all the wishes compile them into a video using editing software. It will take a day or some hours to do so, and it will be an amazing gift. Even from far, it will feel like everyone is there to wish and cheer the couple on.

If you are unable to get the videos, don’t worry. You can use the wedding pictures and other images of the couple to create a video message. Add a song and some quotes, and it will be perfect too.

5. Celebrity anniversary wish

Celebrity anniversary wish

Ferns and petals India have come up with a unique way to celebrate special occasions. You can get an anniversary wish from celebrities and send it to your sister on her special day. You can check out the app to see which celebrity wishes you can buy for the couple.

Also, if any one of them is passionate about music, F&P also has an option to hire a live musician. They will play a beautiful tone which will make their day melodious and memorable.

6. Have a celebration on a video call

Have a celebration on a video call

Do a group video call and ask everyone to wear their best clothes, and get out their champagne or mocktails. When the calls get through, you all can give a toast to the beautiful couple one by one. Sing, dance, play games, and so on.

7. Cake


If you live in the same city, you can bake a cake and drop at your sister’s house without coming in contact. It is thoughtful and safe. Or you can ask a local bakery for the same, it will help their business as well.

Anniversary celebration in lockdown is a new experience for everyone. But instead of being sad, take this opportunity to create a memory that you will cherish forever.

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