Here is the Origin of your Favourite Brand Names!!

Origin of your favorite brand names

All of us are having attraction nowadays towards brands. As commercialization is progressing, we are getting attracted towards various brands. It is because they provide more promising products and are trustworthy. But do you know when and how the origin of your favorite brand names took place? Whether it is a food brand or a clothing brand all of then have an interesting story behind their name.

Here I am listing some of the famous brands for you, to know it better. All the brands were started long ago on a very minute scale. But with time they got fame, all because of their quality and promising deliveries.



This popular and your all time favorite food hub was an invention of two brothers who ran a burger restaurant in San Bernardino. The founder of McDonald’s Raymond Kroc, a milkshake machine salesman met these two brothers Dick and Mac McDonald one fine day in their restaurant. Those brothers bought several mixers from Kroc. He got too impressed with their work that he thought to become their agent and set up franchises around the US. Later he purchased rights to the brand name McDonald’s.



This world famous brand for sportswear was a dream of Adolf Dassler. He was defence personnel who began making sports shoes after he came back from World War I. This brand name came from the initials of its founders name Adi from Adolf and Das from Dassler. It read out to be “ADIDAS”- Athletics apparel brand.



One of my favorite beverage Pepsi is an invention of a pharmacist Caleb Davis Bradham. He had a dream to be a doctor but could not complete his studies because of some financial issues and end up being a pharmacist. He invented a drink made of mixing sugar, caramel, lemon oil, and nutmeg. Few years late he named the drink as Pepsi-Cola derived from the word dyspepsia meaning indigestion.



The founder of this clothing brand Amancio Ortega named this brand originally as “Zorba the Greek.” But they had to change it soon. The first store launch happen to be in La Coruna in 1975 below a bar called Zorba. Because of the same name they had a confusion which made them to change the name of the brand to a somewhat similar name “ZARA.”



One of the most significant online brand Amazon came into existence in 1995 by Jeff Bezos. He wanted to name his online bookstore Cadabra, according to Brad Stone’s book, but his lawyer got successful in convincing him that the name sounds like cadaver. In the end agreement was on the name of the largest river in the world. He also incorporated the river image in his first logo for the website.



Its co-founder Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon were brainstorming names when Ek misheard an idea as Spotify. But now all of us  know that the brand name is a combination of two words “Spot” and “Identify.” Later this Name got popular, and nowadays Spotify is popular worldwide.



This popular electronic brand has got its name origin from the Korean language. This refers to Sam as three and Sung as stars. According to numerology, number three refers to “ which all were given.” It means the start, middle, and end of something. This brand expects to be the all of choice for computer technology or other electronics too.



This brand name was not a derivation from any incident or some suggestion. Though it is popular, for its sportswear and footwear, but the name was a present from ancient Greeks who knew “Nike” as the “Goddess of Victory.”

These are some famous brand names that we come across in our daily life. All of them has a different and exciting story. So now you know all the secrets about your favorite brands. Some happened to occur by coincidence while some other was intentional.

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