Time Saving MakeUp Tricks for Newly Married Working Women

Living the single life can be quite different from being married. Being single usually means we are free to roam as we please. However, when we are married we must be more careful about our beauty and makeup especially if we are a working woman, too. Husbands and wives must do their best to keep their romance alive.

As a newly married woman, our morning beauty routine can sometimes take up quite a lot of our time and we often don’t have too much time to get ready slowly and extensively in order to achieve that perfect impeccable look. However, there are some useful time saving makeup tricks for women on the go that you should keep in mind and follow when you’re in a hurry. They’ll enable you to get ready quickly and still have that perfect makeup on you.

1. Apply a tinted moisturizer

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Using a tinted moisturizer is definitely one of the time-saving makeup hacks for when you’re short on time. The reason for it being on this list is that it usually doesn’t require any blending, so you save quite some time on skipping this step. It also hydrates your skin, so you can skip applying the moisturizer beforehand as well. And on top of all, many tinted moisturizers also have SPF protection, so you’re protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays. When you add all of this together, you actually decrease the number of products you use on your skin to make it perfect from three products to one in total. And, when every second matter, this comes in handy.

2. Accentuate your lips

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If you’re running late to work or a meeting and you don’t have too much spare time on your hands, you can skip a few steps and move to your lips instead. Even if you don’t put any other product on your face and you focus solely on making your lips stand out, you’ll still pull that ‘fresh and glowing look’, which will seem as if it was done purposefully and not because you didn’t have enough time to do your full beauty routine. Using a bold red lipstick will make you look glamorous instantly.

3. Make your eyes pop

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As for the eyes, there are numerous ways we can make them pop. You can use some eyeshadows that you can smudge over your lids with your fingers. You can also apply an eyeliner pencil and smudge the line as well across your lid and along your lash line. You’ll still look like you put some efforts into your beauty routine, and what’s most important you’ll be able to achieve it in no time. Another way you can save up precious time when getting ready in the morning is to get lash extensions. Lash extensions make you look beautiful instantly and their effects last up to four weeks when infills are required. They save up time in the long run as they don’t require you to waste time on putting mascara every day before work. As a matter of fact, many women don’t even use eyeshadows or eyeliners when they have lash extensions as they alone make their eyes pop. Lash extensions are also simply removed by using lash shampoo brush.

4. Add colour to your cheeks

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As experts claim, adding some colour to the apples of your cheeks instantly brightens up your face. And it works for all complexion types, from fair to dark. A colour that should work for everybody and brighten their face is a creamy, blurred pink with a gold sub-tone, so make sure you always have one at hand. You can choose from many forms of blush such as in stick, baked, pressed or liquid. Stick with the one that works for your skin type and tone.

5. Style your brows

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Having a brow pencil at hand can be quite useful when you’re short on time as it can provide a perfect tool for shaping and defining your brows, even when you didn’t have time to previously pluck them. Neat and tidy eyebrows add to your whole look, making it more symmetrical. The difference it makes to our face is dramatic and ultra-quick.

The busy and hectic world of today requires us to learn how to shorten some of our routines, among which is also our beauty routine, but at the same time to achieve the same, flawless effects. These beauty hacks are a sure way to achieve that even when you’re short on time.

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