How To Stop Worrying? Get Rid Of Negative Thinking And Anxiety!

Negative Thinking

‘WORRY’! The word itself is intense.

But what if I say worrying is good for health? I don’t know about others, but when it comes to me, it does help, because worrying makes me get up, take action against the worry, and solve the problem.

negative thinking

It just depends on the way you take things. It’s all about your perception. You can either see a half glass- half full or half glass- half empty.

But when worry keeps you always preoccupied, it is a problem. Don’t let doubts and fears paralyze your mind. It is your mind, which has to be superior and not your fears.

You might not even know that it is taking away all your emotional energy, forcing you to think negative, and at the end make you anxious about everything that happens and everything that doesn’t happen.

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Worry is a problem. Worry is way more dangerous than people see it. People who worry much, need to train their minds to stay calm and function better, in a much positive way!

6 simple tips to manage and get some relief from worry, negative thinking, and anxiety.

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  • Create a better way to handle anxiety!
  • If I tell you to stop worrying right away, that won’t help. At least it won’t help when worry is something which is dominating your mind. But you can always try. But the question is, what will you do?
  • Whenever you feel worried, try to divert your mind with the things that make you happy.

You can try doing this activity in such cases: –

  • Set a worrying time for you. Like for example, just keep a specific time for worrying. It might sound a bit weird but yes, trust me, this works!
  • Set a time- like keep it 7 to 7.30 pm every day. In this time span, you can worry as much as you want to but make sure you should not carry forward this worrying time. All the worries should be banned the moment clock strikes 7.30 pm.
  • This would take time initially, and it might make you feel like it doesn’t help, but you can always postpone your worry. Delaying your worry means, whatever makes you feel worried, just make a note of it and only think about the problem when you have your time set. This will help in getting rid of the problem which might or might not exist.
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Keep asking yourself questions, and in those questions, ask yourself a critical question: Can this problem be solved? Is this problem big enough?

  • As I said, if the problem is making you feel better, your worry is entirely right. But if that is causing discomfort, then just stop doing it slowly and gradually.

Challenge anxious thoughts

challenge anxious thoughts
  • Tackling your feelings is the best way.
  • Make your worry feel that it is not something which is that important in your life which cannot be managed.
  • Keep your mind superior. Not once, but always!

Accept things which happened suddenly. Not everything in the world is planned. Acceptance is the key to happiness!

Peer pressure plays a significant role in one’s life. Just know how it is affecting your life – positively or negatively!

Practice yoga. Keeping your mind calm is the best way to handle things. 1-hour yoga session or power yoga session is the best way to keep negative thinking at bay!

Meditate yourself for at least 15 mins before going to bed.

Trust me. It’s self-experienced and WORKS TOO!

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