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7 Ways How Food Flavors Satisfy Your Taste Buds

Flavors make the food interesting. These flavors are not only for sensory impressions but also serve a higher purpose. It satisfies our taste buds and prepares our body for digestion. Read to find out how different flavors help the system.

7 Ways How Food Flavors Satisfy Your Taste Buds

1. Bitter

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Whenever I made faces at the bitter drinks my mom would say “it’s not for your taste, it is for your stomach”. She was right though. Research says that bitter food aids digestion and help build up gut immunity. It also destresses and calms the nervous system. It aids the production of white blood cells (WBC’s). Bitter drinks top the weight loss diets as they burn up excess fat and quickly provide energy – which can be used to exercise for added benefits.

2. Sour

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‘When life throws lemon make lemonade’. Taking this literally is more beneficial than you think.
Sour-tasting foods deep cleanse and cool liver and gall bladder. It aids acids in our body which means, better digestion! Healthy vital organs -here liver, gall bladder, stomach – are followed by a good immune system. A healthy body in turn gives positive emotional health. Sour food helps boost emotions like joy and happiness.
Limes, lemons, sauerkraut, apple cider vinegar, and pineapple are some of the sour-tasting foods.
Apple cider vinegar is used for a variety of purposes – hair, skin, and digestion. It corrects stomach acid fluctuations and adds to better health.

3. Salty

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After sugar this the most craved flavor. It heals and nurtures kidneys, adrenals, bladder, and thyroid. It is naturally found in Sea vegetables like kelp, nori, wakame, and others. Care must be taken with the amount of salt consumed, as the same knife that cuts veggies can cut your finger too. What I mean to say is too much of salt can make your kidney suffer.

4. Spicy

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Spicy food lovers are probably the toughest people you can ever meet. They would be crying because of the spice yet smile at the sight of the same spicy food.
How does spicy food benefit?
It puts your lungs and colon at ease. It aids circulation, encourages the supply of oxygen and nutrients while helping discards the waste products and toxins. Some healthy spicy foods include hot peppers, mustards, and horseradish.

5. Sweet

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The only thing diabetic patient craves and the most controversial flavor. This flavor helps heal and support the stomach, spleen, and pancreas. It improves digestion when consumed in balanced proportions with your diet.
Naturally sweet foods are a safer option compared to additives. Some healthy sweeteners are maple syrup, organic honey, date syrup (or dry fruit), and blackstrap molasses. Another positive sweetener is a sweet herb (stevia).
I will give you 3 good reasons to avoid sugar – or at least try:
1. It slows down your immunity by blocking WBCs from destroying bacteria.
2. It strips the calcium – tooth cavity, for instance.
3. Pancreas, waistlines, and also emotional state suffers.
For those who can’t live without sugar opt for sugar alternatives. Real cane sugar has natural minerals and vitamins making it a better alternative. Blackstrap molasses contains iron and calcium, and stevia and licorice are useful for hypoglycemic people who need a sugar boost.

6. Neutral

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These neutral-tasting food ground your body and nurtures it. They are life-supporting foods. They fill the belly and build the body. They bring harmony and balance. They almost feel like soul foods and I know a rice lover won’t disagree. This category includes rice, potatoes, sago, arrowroot, millet, and others.

7. Umami

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This is the taste of foods rich in glutamates, inosinate, and nucleotides. How does the Parmesan cheese taste? That’s umami. It captures your taste buds. Seaweeds, mostly kelp and kombu has this natural umami taste. Other foods include Parmesan cheese, shiitake mushrooms, and naturally fermented soy sauce. Disodium inosinate is also added as food additives in a variety of instant snacks.

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