Amazing Facts about the Color of Your Lipstick

Lipsticks are one such makeup product that all women swear by. Of course, who doesn’t love to wear something that instantly glams up the entire look! Sometimes when you look at someone, they tend to say a lot about themselves. But have you ever thought what the color of a lipstick can say about your personality? Interesting right? Keep reading further to know some amazing facts about the color of your lipstick.

1. Red

Red lips definitely make a statement. If you are someone who loves to wear bright and bold red lipsticks, you are likely to be confident and self-assured. You are passionate about life and what you do. Also, you are admired for who you are and don’t mind being the center of attraction either!



Mauve is a subtle and softer hue of purple, a combination of grey and violet. If you like wearing a mauve lipstick, it reveals luxury and power, with a little sense of mystery. You are confident and strong and like to show off the sophisticated style you own. Also, you are patient and very well organized.


3. Hot pink

Energetic and bubbly women tend to like wearing hot pink lipsticks. It indicates that you are quite mischievous, playful and aren’t scared to show the wild side you have. You are always up for new experiences and adventures and love to explore the world.


4. Coral

If you choose to wear coral shades, it probably indicates that you love to stay outdoors. You wouldn’t mind a day out in the sun or at the beach as long as you stay under the skies and sun. You love the environment outside and enjoy it to the fullest.


5. Light pink

Baby pink or light pink is loved by almost all women. If you’re one of them, you love to be relished for being adorable. You tend to love cute and cuddly things that look pleasing. Also, you are fond of children and baby animals. Your soft and friendly nature makes people love you more.


6. Peach

Peach colored lipsticks are known to be the calmer version of the orange hues. You are kind and tend to show warmth to the people around you. Cheerfulness and helpfulness are loaded inside you and people love you for that. You have a radiant smile that you carry wherever you go and cheer up the needy.


7. Wine

Wine colored lipsticks are known to show the sensual side of a woman. Nonetheless, if you love wearing wine lipsticks, it indicates that you don’t rush into something and take the time you need to achieve something. You like enjoying every aspect of the life you are living and believe in enjoying every moment.


8. Taupe

Taupe is one of the earthy shades that make you look comfortable and warm. It expresses how natural and connected you are to the world. You don’t like shallow minded people or relationships and tend to move away from experiences that are superficial. You find a deeper meaning and connection to everything you do in life.


9. Nude

If you love wearing nude shades, you are most likely to be quiet and shy. You don’t prefer to be in the center of attraction and rather choose to stay away from such situations. However, once you open up, people start to love you for being kind. Also, you choose to spread happiness around you with your personality and that is what makes you unique.


10. Plum

Wearing plum lipsticks shows the bold side of yours, just like the ones who love hot pink. You are different and stand out from the crowd with the unique style you have. Immensely daring and experimental, you are aware of how to rock the style you own. Being unique is what you like and that’s what makes you stand out.


These facts about the color of your lipstick can say a lot about your personality and could have been quite relatable. However, choosing to wear a lipstick totally depends on you. Wear whatever shade you are comfortable in, or not wear any lipstick at all. Keep in mind that you are beautiful and you’re good to go!

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