• LifestyleBenefits Of Rose Water For Glowing Skin

    20 Benefits Of Rose Water For Glowing Skin

    In the beauty industry, rose water is a crucial ingredient. Many women have used rose water for ages. In fact, bathing in a rosewater pool was regarded as a ritual for queens and other royal ladies. Rose water is a calming tonic made from freshly picked rose petals. It is added to face packs to increase their effectiveness because of…

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  • Facts

    Time Saving MakeUp Tricks for Newly Married Working Women

    Living the single life can be quite different from being married. Being single usually means we are free to roam as we please. However, when we are married we must be more careful about our beauty and makeup especially if we are a working woman, too. Husbands and wives must do their best to keep their romance alive. As a…

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  • Fashioncolor of your lipstick

    10 Amazing Facts about the Color of Your Lipstick

    Lipsticks are one such makeup product that all women swear by. Of course, who doesn’t love to wear something that instantly glams up the entire look? Sometimes when you look at someone, they tend to say a lot about themselves. But have you ever thought about what the color of lipstick can say about your personality? Interesting right? Keep reading…

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