Four Luxurious Resorts Of Antigua That Will Blow Your Mind

Whether you are searching for a romantic place to propose, planning your dream wedding ceremony. Either longing to recreate ZNMD with your homies or just dreaming of an intimate getaway. You will adore these resorts of Antigua and Barbuda. The exotic scenery, comfortable year-round weather, and friendly, relaxed ambiance combine to create the perfect paradise to rejoice your moments. Here are some of the immensely prevalent resorts of Antigua.

1. Hermitage Bay 

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A rare blending of a private cottage style resort that is all-inclusive as well. Five Star dining and amenities are offered. Also, the private beach offers a quiet felicity for couples seeking the ultimate romantic location. Moreover, extra added values for visitors include a notable private beach dinner.

The package also delivers luxury cottages where you’ll have your own free-standing luxury cottage. Also, everything is included-all your meals, premium brand drinks, soft drinks and poured house wines. Non-motorized water sports are included as well. Hidden romantic cove setting like no other- great base for touring the island.

Besides that, you can go zip lining, helicopter tours, snorkeling trips, and rent a car and explore on your own. Private airport transfers from the airport are available. Along with a special bottle of champagne and flowers on your visit.

2. Jumby Bay 

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A new level of privacy, Jumby Bay offers an elite private island off the main island of Antigua. It is stunningly beautiful and offers impeccable five-star services of several chains of resorts.

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Jumby Bay is an all-inclusive hideaway, and it is truly a rare blend of seclusion and luxury. But it is easy to get to because there are non-stop flights which are easy to catch in Antigua from most gateways.

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Absolute luxury accommodations starting in a Rondo Val suite, ask about the pool suites. All meals included breakfast, lunch & dinner. Similarly, gourmet dining at three different restaurants, an unlimited open bar featuring imported house wine. Furthermore, the pool offers oceanfront infinity-edge pool access and water sports too.

3. Galley Bay 

Galley Bay offers an amazing stretch of white sandy beach like no other in Antigua. It is indeed a laid-back ambiance and hence, it is a quieter alternative to Sandals resorts which is mentioned below. Romantic cottage and oceanfront suites. So you can choose a suite on the beach or your own plunge pool cottage. Which is set back in the garden area for ultimate privacy.

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It also offers waters sports that include snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, Hobie cat & sunfish sailing and finally, a night entertainment having a weekly Caribbean BBQ.

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Glimmering turquoise waters and a three-quarter-mile white sand beach with an access to their luxury spa.

4. Sandals Resort 

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Sandals Resort offers two unique village experiences. Firstly, the authentic seaside Caribbean Grove and secondly, an All-Suite Mediterranean Village with 6 pools. Also, unlimited land & water sports, scuba diving. Furthermore, 7 bars serving unlimited premium liquors furthermore.

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Also, It offers 11 specialty restaurants for unlimited dining. Top-tier suites also offer ‘Butler Service’. In addition to red lane spa, canoes/kayaks, sailboats, snorkeling, windsurfing, hydro bikes, swim-up pool bars. With additional to the 6 whirlpools aqua trikes and paddle boarding also. What else can one ask for?

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