How to Overcome Body Insecurities

Learn how to raise your body confidence

Insecurities are a funny thing. On one end you’ll have a gal who’s short and dreams of being a tall, statuesque model, and on the other, you’ll have a lady who’s tall and dreams of being smaller, more delicate, and less gangly. We all tend to adopt the “grass is greener on the other side” kind of attitude when it comes to our bodies and we spend our lives wishing we were slimmer, or had more curves, or a smaller nose, or more hair.

Well, that’s no way to go through life. More than any crooked nose, or wide hips, or chunky ankles, insecurity is what’ll really get you down and make you look worse than you do. So, how can we change that? Is there a way to feel good in your own body? Absolutely, and we’re here to give some advice on how to do that.

What is beauty anyway?

It’s a social concept, sure, but be aware that’s mostly influenced by marketing. That’s literally it. Your idea of perfect beauty came from an ad campaign. Now, how does that make you feel, to know that the company who’s trying to sell you a car or an anti-aging cream is telling you what’s pretty and what isn’t? Think about it, if you felt beautiful and confident, would someone who sells beauty in a bottle be able to overcharge you for their product with ease? No, they wouldn’t.

A lot of the capitalist world works by creating an insecurity, then exploiting it for profit. That doesn’t mean that products are bad at all, nor do you need to abstain from buying them. But you absolutely should feel free to create your own idea of beautiful, to use these products because you enjoy them, not because you feel like they are necessary. Plenty of companies are there to help you celebrate your beauty, not put you down. Why not stick to those?

Internal beauty

Are you funny? Creative? Are you really kind? Maybe you’re organized and hard-working, maybe you’re the type of friend everyone can rely on. Charm comes from your personality. Therefore, it’s just as important (if not more) than the outward appearance. Nurture those good traits!

Focusing on what’s unique about you

What’s your favorite feature? Maybe it’s your eyes, maybe it’s your soft hands, or perhaps it’s your glossy hair. Start with one thing, and then work up. Find ways to pull focus on that favorite bit of you and wear it with pride.

Working on your body

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Health and strength bring us confidence, and working on your body can definitely help a lot in increasing your self-esteem. Eating well and exercising aren’t there just to help you shed pounds, you know? Physical activity is incredibly relaxing and good for your mind and body, and having a healthy diet without processed foods and sugar will mean more energy, fewer emotional outbursts, and more motivation.

Changing what you want to change

That’s the beauty of everything, the power to change things is definitely in your hands. If you want to make yourself look or act different, you can do it. Don’t you think others make changes as well? From beauty products and makeup to plastic surgery, you can do whatever will make you feel good without fearing judgment.

Take Australia, for example. Plastic surgery has been on the rise over the years because Aussies spend most of their time in warm weather on beaches, and wasting time on feeling self-conscious in a bathing suit would definitely make their lives hell. Going for procedures such as breast augmentation in Perth is quite popular, and women are embracing the ability to reclaim their confidence after giving birth and getting saggy skin, and how could anyone not applaud that?

Simply changing your haircut, doing your makeup differently, or going to a dermatologist’s clinic for a facial peel can work wonders. It’s at your disposal if you want it, and if you do, go for it. So, if you never want to make a single change to the way you look that’s totally okay, too! Judging people for the things they do with their own damn bodies is genuinely pointless and silly, and ignore anyone who says otherwise.

Never stop working on yourself

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Most confidence doesn’t come from physical appearance, even for people who are very beautiful. It comes from the way you act and the things you do, from the things you know. So, work on that. Learn a new language, volunteer at the local soup kitchen, make new contacts. Never stop perfecting yourself.

Leave no space for negative, self-deprecating thoughts in your life. They lead nowhere, they make life boring, and they’re simply not true. You’re amazing, so embrace that and build yourself up each day until you finally reach your potential.

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Amy Mia Goldsmith

Amy Mia is a passionate writer in love with the healthy lifestyle and beauty. Her mission is to empower people to pursue their passions and try to make a difference with a written word.

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