How to Determine Your Skin Undertone Easily?

Who doesn’t love makeup? It has been found that almost 8 out of 10 women love makeup and wear it every day. But, not all are aware of the correct shades of their makeup. Enhancing your beauty inculcates knowing your perfect skin undertones in order to look flawless. Hundreds of makeup brands have thousands of makeup products to choose from. If you are an amateur and are unaware of how to choose makeup according to your skin undertone, don’t worry. Keep reading to find out how you can determine your skin undertone very easily!

Before heading to determine the skin undertone, it is essential to know about the different kinds of skin undertones. Here are the various skin undertones to help you determine which one is yours.

1. Warm undertones

People with warm undertones have a peachy to yellow or golden colored skin. Some of them can even have a sallow skin.


2. Cool undertones

People with cooler undertones tend to have pinkish and bluish-colored skin.


3. Neutral undertones

People having neutral undertones tend to have similar skin tone and undertones.


However, note that your skin tone and your undertone are different. Fair-skinned people can also have a warm undertone whereas the ones with darker skin can also have a cooler undertone.

This is the reason why most of you find difficulty in matching the perfect shade of foundation or any kind of makeup products.

To determine your skin undertone, you just have to carry out a few simple tests at home.

1. Check your veins

Sit in a naturally lit area since different kinds of lights reflect differently on your skin. If you can see your veins on your arm clearly, you can easily determine what undertone your skin has. If you see greenish toned veins, you tend to have a warm undertone. Similarly, if your veins appear to be bluish or purplish, you tend to have a cool undertone. If you are unable to see your veins or they are similar to your skin color, you are a neutral undertone person.


2. Check the reaction of your skin under the sun

The amount of melanin your skin produces under the sun can easily determine your skin undertone. Check how your skin reacts under the sun exposure. If you rarely burn but tend to tan easily and have more melanin secretion, you are likely to have a warmer undertone. In the same manner, if you don’t tan but burn easily and have comparatively lesser production of melanin, you tend to have a cooler skin undertone. Some women with dark colored skin may not easily burn their skin but can still have a cool toned skin. Do not confuse yourselves with this test. You can try out other tests too for a clearer conclusion.


3. Check with your jewelry

Most of the people out there tend to attract a particular colored jewelry, say gold or silver, based on how it looks on their skin. If you don’t like wearing jewelry, you can still identify your skin undertones. Try wearing both gold and silver jewelry alternatively. You can choose from earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or anything you like. If gold jewelry looks good on you or you tend to get attracted towards gold jewelry, you have a warm skin undertone. If silver colored jewelry looks good on you, you are likely to have a cooler skin undertone. But if both the colors suit you, you are likely to have neutral skin undertone.


Determining your skin undertone can help you decide what looks the best against your skin color and can help you look better. However, your personal choice towards colors is what matters. If you tend to like a particular color and feel happy in it, go for it without a second thought! In the end, you should be comfortable in what you’re carrying and feel happy about it!

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