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4 Ways to Motivation Yourself To A Happy Life

What is Motivation?

Anyone would say encouragement to do something. Exactly, motivation is defined as, “Process of stimulating people to action to accomplish goals.” Motivation is a need required especially in today’s era. To keep one going, he needs to be motivated. Needs that require satisfaction are explained as motivation. Imagine if not motivated today, a massive population would be sitting idle imagining what, how and when today. The encouragement to a person to follow his passion and the drive for his passion is what motivation is. Motivation helps a person to move forward in his life.

Who needs motivation? Why does a person need motivation? It is for all the people who are scared, have fears, anxiety, depression and no reason to accomplish their goals. A correct reason or a simple solution motivates people, help sort their problems. What if someone just sorted out your relationship problem or a friend of yours gave you a piece of advice about how to explain to your parents over you going for a trip. There might be more serious problems than these above examples which need motivation.

An unmotivated person affects his lifestyle, behavior, social life and surroundings of himself. But always remember – decisions taken with a calm mind are always the best. So what’s to be done? What should you do to keep you motivated for the work? How would you feel if I say you don’t need motivational videos, quotes and other internet providing materials to sustain your life? All you need are 4 daily activities.

4 Ways to Motivation Yourself To A Happy Life

1. Yoga

Indian tradition says doing yoga help you live longer. But with that, it gives you extra benefits of a stress-free life and nice body shape. The positions or poses (asana) of yoga has the techniques that relieve stress. Cortisol is a stress hormone. So, if there is less cortisol produced in the body, there will be less stress. Yoga not only includes poses and positions but also has meditation which increases the concentration of a person. It teaches the perfect breathing technique that helps us to breathe free and live long.

Yoga known for relieving the stress by elevating a person’s mood gives good self-compassion and esteem. Yoga helps you to clear mind and think well. To be factual, Britain has experienced that yoga has helped their workers relax and motivating efficiency in productivity. The best time to do yoga is early morning, where suryanamaskar (bowing to the sun), is the best. Yoga keeps mind fresh and helps in motivating a person to do his jobs clearly with a better mind.

2. Eat Healthy And Drink More

Yeah, not hard or soft drinks but water. Water has cooling properties. Drinking about 2 liters of water helps prevent dehydration and cools the mind which helps in relieving the stress.

Eating the right food at the right time helps in proper digestion and does not lead to gastric problems. Generally, a lot of people feel stressed due to inappropriate eating patterns. Consumption of fruits, especially dark color ones have anti-oxidants in them that helps to capture the stress cells and make the body free. Eating the fruits and vegetables with less oil and appropriate masala will not let you have the pimples, motivating you to do your job with more confidence and hassle-free. Not only correct food and water but eating at the right time and the right amount give the energy to motivate him doing the right thing.

3. Sleep and wake

Early to bed and early to rise makes little Johnny healthy and wise. Sleeping early in the night would help you to wake early in the morning, realizing you have a good amount of time to do your work. That ample amount of time is what motivates you to do your work on and with time. People who sleep late show more disturbed and emotionally unstable behavior, sleeping early leads to a good amount of sleeping time and calm mind. The person has got his motivated way to work and lead a good morning.

A healthy sleep cycle freshens up the mind of the person and helps the person to be free from outer body problems like pimples, wrinkles, dark circles, etc. These days it’s a trend to sleep late, watch series and movies late night and no get up on time in the morning. This activity done on rare conditions are fine. But, making it a daily habit is not healthy. People should identify between studying and working late and doing something unproductive in the period. People say it with proud that they slept late, they have the ability to sleep late, but that proud feeling is only satisfied with a worth use of time. Thus, sleeping early and getting up early doesn’t make you a more of a disciplined person but more of a wise person.

4. Expert Advice

In stress, tension, and confusion who doesn’t ask for expert advice. Even the one sitting in K.B.C. needs one. But, here it’s a twist, talking to your self gives you the best advice. Self-analysis helps one to reduce and relieve stress and tension. Talking helps in coping up one’s anxiety and give better results. We generally feel that sharing our problems with other people give us a better perspective on how to solve the problem. But the reality is all that we need is a calm state to look into ourselves. When we talk to others we feel they have helped us but it’s nothing but talking to ourselves again and then getting the answer. So, in simpler terms, it’s you talking to yourself through different mediums. Talking to you helps to deal with the pressure in life.

Four only four

Activities will bring change in life and you will put yourself in wonders how a sudden change happened. The only thing that needs to be done is to put some effort and be a little selfish for you. In the end, it’s important for you to be happy. Happiness leads to motivation for work and motivation can lead you to do all crazy stuff effortlessly.

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