• TravelBungee Jumping Locations in India

    7 Thrilling Bungee Jumping Locations in India

    Bungee jumping is one of the most exotic adventure sports a person can participate in. Bungee jumping is that thrilling experience where you experience the fall and literally feel your soul and energies go up, all at once. It is a flying experience in the air with no person behind you in contrast to Skydiving. While you must have heard…

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  • FactsSome Water Adventure Sports For The Adventurers

    Some Water Adventure Sports For The Adventurers

    Nowadays traveling is not limited to sight-seeing only. What can be a better option to go close to nature other than adventure sports? Whether it is sailing along with the flow of the river or venturing into the deep sea, your dreams are going to get fulfilled if you visit these renowned tourist spots in India for water adventure sports.…

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  • FactsAnglo-Indian Cuisine

    Here’s How The British Raj Influenced Our Indian Cuisine

    Apart from influencing our cultures, style, and way of life, the British also majorly influenced the Indian Cuisine. Apart from the infrastructure and the economy, another thing that was developed, was the Anglo- Indian cuisine. This kind of cuisine came into the picture during the British Rule, when the British memsahibs or wives interacted with their Indian cooks. They gave…

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  • Food29 Famous Indian Dishes from 29 States of India

    29 Famous Indian Dishes from 29 States of India

    “Nothing draws people together like food,” as the saying goes, and this is especially true in a country with a population of almost 1.36 billion people. Indians may be split between north, east, west, and south and between diverse cultures, languages, and customs, but there is, and always will be, one thing that unites them and the whole country: their…

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