Is Comfort Food Good? Read This And Amplify That Serenity

Do it actually eases you!

Are you one of those who finds the company of food as comforting? The folks who turn to food outlets and either vent out or tend to forget the sorrows of your life by that one scrumptious bite of food? Posting the photos of food? Hashtagging it as “ #foodgasm #foodphile #foodporn” etc. often makes you want to go to that one place again and have that heavenly bliss once more? Welcome. You are one of those who finds food comforting enough.
Some people have food to fill their hungry stomachs, just for the sake of living. But there are some, who do not believe in eating for life but the opposite – Living For Food.

origin of comfort foods
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We are proudly progressing towards a country who will soon be living for food. After all, with all these new, trendy experimenting ages, also come the changes in the type of food that we eat. Meals have stopped being just Matar Paneer or Shahi Paneer with a Butter Naan. They now have variations from Paneer Lababdar, Paneer Jalfrezi to Paneer Pasanda. With the inflation in the cases of being lonely, grief-stricken and leading a sad life, there is a simultaneous increase in the people who turn to food to comfort themselves. There is a relation between loneliness, grief, and food.

Origin of Comfort Foods

Yes. This word is not one of our own hypothetical creations. The origin of the word “comfort food” goes back to 1966, when the Palm Beach Post used it in a story on obesity of Adults. Under severe emotional stress, this turn to what could be called ‘comfort food’— food associated with childhood security, like mother’s poached egg or famous chicken soup.” This was added to the Oxford Dictionary in the year 1976.Comfort food is also used now in real life.

Do comfort foods suit you?

Certain foods promise solace. They also add the fuel to the body.But the question arises over the truth of these comfort foods. Do they tend to soothe you or is it just baked cheese nachos induced food coma? One can find the answer to this problem by moving away from the issue itself that is, moving the attention away from food. Besides providing calorie, warmth, and taste, foods have been found to give something social to us. This also depends on the attachment style. Attachment style is the healthy relationship and strong bonds, which a person learns from an early age, starting with their parents.

comfort food suits you
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Relation of Attachment style to Food

An experiment was conducted in which people were asked to describe a conflict with someone close to them. The ones who had high attachment style described the given snack as tastier, and those who had comparatively weaker attachment style were no different than the ones who were not participating in the experiment. This leads to the observation that comfort foods power may lie majorly in the associations it calls to your mind. People who have intense familial relationships tend to recall them in their mind during their low moments. This, in turn, is fulfilled by having something edible.

Here’s why we more than often turn to chocolates. They have a direct connection with our strong familiar or positive relationships. The range of comfort foods varies person to person. It can be as casual as chocolates and ice-creams to as unique a taste of considering Bitter Gourd as comfort food. It’s just that someone has developed a significant meaning behind the idea of ice-cream or Bitter Gourd which recalls the sweet memories and therefore, comforts us. Comfort foods do not only soothe us when we eat them. A little aroma or fragrance of them is enough to make us nostalgic.

relationship or attachment with food
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There is a close relationship between scent and memory. The memory of having that ice cream on a perfect date? This can serve as comfort food for the coming years. Similarly, the last dish you ate before breaking up might not be comfort food.

So, relish all those memories while you have your favorite foods. What better chance could be there to relive the moment again in your mind?  Grab just a bit of what you might think will aid your memory. Let good food influence your mood so that you can feel even better.

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