Top 7 Tips on Building a Successful Video Ad Strategy

Video is the next big thing! It is a unique style of learning, a way of entertainment, and a powerful tool for influencing people. From YouTube to Facebook, you can find videos everywhere. People prefer a ten-minute video over reading a long article of their interest. On average, YouTube users stream almost 5 billion videos every day! This ultimately comes to 500 million hours of video streaming, daily.

As the interest for videos keeps increasing, one should carefully build video ads to fuel the demands of the viewers. If you do not have a big setup nor ample budget, you might think that video advertisement is not for you. However, the good news is building successful video ads strategy does not require money. It is a well-planned strategy that will win you the influence you want to create. Moreover, you can use an online video editor such as InVideo to create your video ads.

Here are seven tips that will help you create your video ads successfully:

1. Focus on Your Story

Focus on Your Story
Source: Entrepreneur

The most important factor of selling your video content is that you should never make your videos with only the thought of selling. The content should not be too promotional. Rather, it should be useful for the viewers and add value to their lives. The video should have an emotional impact and create an impression in the mind of the viewers. You need to focus on the idea you want to convey. 

2. Be Interesting and Attractive 

Be Interesting and Attractive

The next thing you need to keep in mind is ‘engagement’. The audience should participate and engage in the content that you’re creating. You can effectively use humour for this. Keep in mind that you need to hold the power over a viewer’s attention in order to retain him till the very end. Understand their demand and present your skills and talent in the most innovative way you know. 

3. Focus on the First 10 Seconds of Your Video

Focus on the First 10 Seconds of Your Video

A study claims that one of five people watching a video tend to leave within just the first ten seconds. The lack of interest leads the viewer astray and they may jump to another video. So, it is necessary to quickly provide an insight into the ideas that you are going to provide for the rest of your video. You can start by asking some questions to your audience or by starting a controversial discussion/topic.  The longer a person stays; the deeper he gets into it. 

4. Your Content must be SEO-Rich

Your Content must be SEO-Rich

Make sure your content has a good Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) value. SEO descriptions and titles of your video pop up on search engines like Google. Understand what your video provides and link it with what a person will possibly search for.  Additionally, include hashtags and keywords to make your video content more popular. Thus, the key point is to check the SEO value of your video before uploading it to any social media platform or website to get the best result of content marketing.

5. Do not forget to put Your Brand Logo/App Icon in the Video

Do not forget to put Your Brand Logo/App Icon in the Video

As a content creator, you must always take or give credit wherever due. It is imperative that your viewer is familiar with your brand. Hence, to create an impression, and leave a mark on your viewers, use your brand logo Icon in your videos. Also, this helps in claiming the video’s copyrights if it is plagiarized or stolen by a third-party.

6. The Video should have Subtitles

The Video should have Subtitles
Source: Totalize Media

Considering a lot of people watch just a fraction of the video, you should ensure to add a subtitle to your video. This helps people who might not understand the accent/language of your video. The extra effort of adding subtitles can help reach a larger audience. Moreover, people sometimes watch videos without sound. Thus, subtitles ensure that the visuals of the video make sense to the viewers. 

7. Avoid a Dark Background 

Avoid a Dark Background

A lot of people prefer to keep their brightness low to save battery or simply because they like it. Thus, it is essential to avoid dark backgrounds and ensure that the visuals in the video are clearly visible, even in low lighting. In addition to that, a dull and shady background might discourage viewers from watching the full video.


You can use some online ad makers to create effective video ads. Further, you can watch videos of famous YouTubers or video content creators to understand their strategies for creating strong impressions. Keep in mind that the concept of your video must be strong and should project your brand well. Use these tips to create a successful video ads strategy!

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