The Real Gabbar Singh Is Even More Threatening Than The Reel One!

Origins of the Dark, Dreary, and Dangerous Gabbar Singh!

15th August 1975- the day that took India by storm. Ramesh Sippy released ‘Sholay’, a movie that would become a cult classic for all times! Dharmendra’s famous lines, Basanti’s chemistry with her horse- Dhanno, Samba, and Kalia… who can forget these golden times?

But there is one character that emerges from your subconscious every time the word ‘villian’ is uttered. He is none other than the dreary dacoit, Gabbar Singh!

What if someone told you that the ‘reel’ life Gabbar Singh was inspired by a ‘real’ life Gabbar?

The 1950s Madhya Pradesh has indeed witnessed the terror of a dacoit named Gabbar Singh, who went by the alias Gabra. Salim Khan’s father was a part of the Madhya Pradesh Police. And this is how the scriptwriter gave India the much-dreaded villain of all times.

Born in 1926 in Bhind, Madhya Pradesh, the real Gabbar joined Kalyan Singh Gujjar’s gang. He went on to form his own gang in 1955. KF Rustamji, the then IG of Madhya Pradesh had mentioned  Gabbar’s existence and activities in his dairy. The notorious Gabbar Singh had set out on a mission to chop of 116 noses. All because his ‘tantrik’ advised him that doing so would keep him safe from the police! No wonder he was the epitome of terror in the State!

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The then Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru gave the task of eliminating Gabbar Singh to Rajendra Prasad Modi, an MP Police Officer. Under the guidance of Rajendra Prasad Modi, a fierce encounter took place between two forces. One that worked for the law and the one operating outside it.

The grenades thrown by the police during the encounter severely injured Gabbar Singh. A day before Nehru’s birthday, KF Rustamji presented the news of Gabbar Singh’s death to him as a gift from his side!

The real-life Gabbar undoubtedly had the upper hand in the game of terror in comparison to Sholay’s classic villain. What do you think?

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