Confidence And How Alcohol Affects It

Alcohol is ‘liquid courage’, ‘survival juice’, ‘awesome water’ and whatnot. Why? Because it makes you talk, sing and do whatever you wouldn’t have done normally. Any person who gets alcohol in their system suddenly becomes loud. What’s more! They put on his or her imaginary dance pants. Is there any connection between your confidence and alcohol? It sure looks like that.

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Alcohol causes a whole lot of stuff, including motor control loss. It becomes the source of embarrassment after the hangover. The overall effect of alcohol on our body? That’s the impairment of evaluative cognitive control. It is where the neurotransmitters, as well as the electrical signals in our brain, relax a bit. There are even some cases where they did stop altogether, making you do weird stuff.

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There’s one study that focuses on the stress and the clear absence of it in ‘high’ times. The largest influence behind the apparent lowered inhibition is a reduced Negative Affect. While drinking, memories related to negative behavior effects fade away. There is less embarrassment, pain, and stress. There is not any association of anything negative in this lowered inhibitions. Alcohol directly affects the inhibitory processes of social behavior. And this also includes the way a person talks. It is, as you can now understand, not every time that the truth comes from an alcoholic mouth. The drunk person more often responds in an emotive way. Everything they say, therefore, has an emotional touch. It’s not always backed up by the truth.

Let there be a limit to the consumption, however. Long term alcohol usage can wreak havoc in your body and can damage your brain. There are instances where people have lost their emotional and physical well being. Now that we have established that, everyone knows how difficult it is to handle an intoxicated person. These people can do anything they want. Something they wouldn’t have done otherwise.

Alcohol gives a confidence boost, to those who need it. And still, we wonder, whether it is good for our confidence. Or are we fooling ourselves?

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