This Is How Farting Is Good For You so Fart It Out

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Imprisoned, confined, held captive. That’s how you feel when someone restricts you from doing something. You feel like someone is curtailing you from your freedom. And that’s exactly how a fart feels when you don’t let it out. We certainly must learn the art of letting things out, be it emotions, feelings, or even farts. Anything kept bottled up for too long may prove to be disastrous or smelly even.

Fortunately, unlike yawns, farting isn’t contagious. But you’ll always find people cringe on hearing the word ‘fart’. It is the 21st century and about time we got over the “What would people think?” outlook. It’s perfectly normal for a person to fart and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. It is just gas that needs to be let out from your body from time to time so why be coy about it? Besides, the feeling you get when you let out a fart squeezed inside since a long time is not the only thing farting provides you. It has health benefits too!

If you hold a fart in for a long time, you start feeling uneasy and your stomach starts aching. To avoid this, you need to let those farts go. Allowing the gas to pass reduces bloating. Apart from this, the attributes of your fart could help you figure out if there’s something wrong with your diet. Over-eating certain kinds of food may cause a bad odor while under eating fibers could reduce the amount of gas formation in your body. It is also said that people who are slimmer usually pass more gas than the people who are on the healthier side.

Preventing the passage of flatulence could cause severe damage to your colon and could also lead to colon cancer. It has been successful in predicting health issues with your body too. Also, this would definitely sound bizarre, but inhaling your farts is actually good for your health. The gas we pass contains hydrogen sulphide in small quantities that give the rotten egg smell whenever we fart and inhaling this could reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks. So the next time you smell a fart, don’t hate on the person who did it. Instead, thank them for the good they’re unintentionally doing!

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