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10 Jackets You Must Have In Your Winter Wardrobe

Winter is around the corner, and you are still confused about what to wear and what’s trending?

The most challenging thing for us is deciding what to wear—something which provides warmth and, at the same time, is stylish and elevates your outfit. However, many a time, we don’t find that perfect piece of winter clothing and choose comfort over style. What if I told you that you could have both?!

To make sure your winters are cosy and stylish, read on. Maybe you will find your style in jackets or cardigans!

While we have divided the clothes into two categories- for men and women, it is imperative to remember that clothes have no gender and you can wear whatever you want!

There are several options in the market, but here is a short and comprehensive guide on some classics that will one, never go out of style, and two, always keep you warm!

10 Jackets You Must Have In Your Winter Wardrobe

1. Trench Coats

Transitioning your wardrobe during the winter season and not opting for Trench Coats…Not a good idea!

Trench coats are the most trending and perfect lightweight layering piece that you should consider having. Besides, you get so many styling options with these.

These iconic jackets fall somewhere above the knee. These coats are belted and come with straps to tie up near the waist. You may opt for cotton, wool, and leather. You also get to choose between various colour options.

An ideal choice for men and women. No matter what you are layering it with, these coats will make you look stylish and royal.

2. Puffer Jackets

Cold and breezy winter mornings, and the comfort of the puffer jacket. Best combination ever.

Puffer coats are the trend worth watching in outerwear: warmth plus a definitive fashion statement when it comes to puffer coats. So, no more confusion.

Quilted, padded with leather and outer covering made of nylon or polyester. Moreover, they are lightweight, and you have an option to choose between full sleeves and sleeveless. Also, they are cute.

Make your winters colourful with an apt choice of puffers!

TIP: Style them up with a full sleeve t-shirt, denim, and boots to get the most out of it.

3. Blazers

Yes, you read it right. Blazers are an undisputed work staple. But they do wonders in your style statement. You can style them either way. Pair it up with black cropped pants and a jersey t-shirt for a formal look. You can mix and match with midi dresses, denim, skirts, etc.

You don’t always have to choose dark colours. Seasonal shades like dusty grey or emerald green or various pastels are going to change your overall look. What are you waiting for? Get them at the earliest!

4. Denim jacket

The most remarkable thing your winter wardrobe can ever have! And the best thing about these is that you get various options. Lighter denim, dark washed denim, and many more. Also, they have been in trend for many years. Everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Madonna has worn these. It seems reasonable to invest in these.

5. Leather Jackets

Seems like the coolest of all. This winter clothing does not at all need any specific accessories to make it look better. You also have a choice to select vegan leathers, which are free from animal products. It can be worn by you in spring and autumn too. With leather jackets, you need no more. They are made to steal the show.

TIP: Style it up with a fitted knit, denim and sneakers for an everyday winter appeal.

It is everyone’s wish to look smart and stylish. You may find your staple in pieces mentioned below! What are you waiting for? Jump right into the rest of the article to find your style!

6. Parka

Parkas have a hood and are lined with faux fur, made for frigid weather. Not as structured as an overcoat, but you can layer up underneath. And it doesn’t give a bulky look and looks great on almost every body type.

Great an option for a casual outfit. You can choose some subtle and cool colours. Think no more. It’s a must buy.

TIP: Pair it up with a t-shirt, jeans and boots.

7. Cardigan

Cardigans are light sweater jackets. Mostly made of wool, it’s not the best option for people living in extremely cold weather. But you may consider layering it up. Pairing it up over a shirt and jeans is a classic look.

8. Leather Bomber Jackets

Are you still confused about what to wear in winter?

Try out these jackets. Initially created for pilots during world war 1, the style has caught up with the general public. And now it has become timeless casual and is the perfect choice for chilling winters.

They come with a simple design. The cuffs and waist section are fitted to give you a sleek look. Must have for guys out there!

9. Trench Coats

Aforesaid, these are ideal for women as well as men.

Originally, they were developed by British and French soldiers during the First World War. Eventually, they became pretty famous among people and are right now the most trending clothes for winters.

Choose between cotton, wool and leather. Whatever suits you best.

10. Overcoats

As the name suggests, they are worn as the outermost layer of your clothing. They extend below the knee and are very much similar to trench coats.

Mostly made from heavier wool, they come in different styles and weights. Also, you get the option of choosing between double-breasted and single-breasted.

In Conclusion

Now that you are aware of the latest winter clothing trends, you should give it a try. Flaunt your style with these classics, and let us know if you have other go-to winter clothing that we have missed out on!

Darsh Patel

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