Facts About Wine – They Are As Old As The Beverage

The older it gets the better! Wine is one of the exotic drinks found in most of the British households. It is an elite beverage that is good for your heart, skin and has other widespread health properties. Apart from the famous history of how Jesus made wine from water what else do we know about it? Here are some interesting and unheard facts about wine!

Facts About Wine

  • Chinese people are the world’s largest consumers of wine. They consumed about 155 million liters of wine in 2013.
  • China raced France in wine consumption. The logic is that red is considered to be a lucky color in China. Thus, the Chinese attribute good luck with red wine.
  • Wine preservation was done by the Cistercian and Benedictine monks. They invented different preservation techniques. The old school helped us get the better tasting old wine that we have now!
  • The smell of young wine is called ‘Aroma’. Whereas, the smell of mature wine is called ‘Bouquet’. Seems like we are talking about flowers right?
  • Wine is always served in a glass with gentle edges. Thinner the glass, the better is the ‘aroma’ of wine.
  • The world’s oldest wine bottle was found inside the sarcophagus of two Romans in the town of Speyer, Germany. These bottles were later taken out and kept on display at the town museum Historisches Museum der Pfalz.
  • One of the main reasons associated with the Roman Empire decline has something to do with wine. Romans discovered that mixing lead to wine helped in preserving it for a longer time. This also increased the sweetness of wine but ended up killing a majority of the population. The techniques lead to lead poisoning.
  • The type of wine one has is usually dependant on the kind of meal you have. Heavier the food, heavier should be the wine – in case of red meat. The lighter the food, lighter should be the wine – like in the case of fish and white meat.
  • Fear of wine is known as ‘Oenophobia’. The real question is – who would be scared of wine?

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  •  Sometimes the bubbles that were found in the wine were associated with evil spirits and phase of the moon by the Greeks. They saw it as an ill omen or bad luck.
  • The important criterion for wine to be of good quality is its smell. Wine tasting has more to do with smelling the wine than tasting it! Now, this makes ‘Wine tasting’ a very ambiguous concept. Doesn’t it?
  • The barrels for wine storage also have its own set of specifications. The average age of a French Oaktree used to make wine barrels should be 170 years! Basically, the wine itself is not the only thing that is better off when it is old.
  • Greeks invented a way to prevent people from getting drunk on wine. They served wine in cups that broke from the bottom if it was overfilled or was above the standard quantity.
  • There is one major difference between European and Non-European wines. The former is named after the geographic locations where they were made.The latter is named after the different grapes used for their preparation.
  • Ancient Romans gave more importance to the seasoning of wine than the main flavor. Therefore, they added fish sauce, lead, garlic, and absinthe to their wines.

So readers! I hope this article helped increase your knowledge about the history of wine! We can confidently conclude that it is the procedure, know-how, and history that make this beverage such a classy, sophisticated and elite drink! If you know any other unexplored facts about the same, do not forget to tell us about it in the comment section!

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