A Girl’s Guide To Moving Into Her New Apartment

When the time comes to move into a new apartment, you probably can’t wait to start decorating it. After all, one of the most exciting parts of settling in is personalizing your new home, like probably one of the apartments for rent in Fort Myers. However, in order to get to that part, first you have to deal with the less fun parts – packing, unpacking, and everything in between. So, to help you make the moving process faster, more efficient, and more fun, here are a few tips you should consider.

1. Pack a separate bag

The chances are you won’t unpack everything in one day. So, make sure you have everything you need for one or two days easily accessible in a separate bag or box. This way, you can take your time unpacking, and you won’t have to search for your toothbrush at 1 a.m. or your favorite eyeliner 10 minutes before your time for work. The best way to do this is to imagine your usual day, and write down all the things you use in the morning, at work, and before bed. Then, pack those things separately, and you’ll be able to function normally even if it takes you a bit longer to unpack and organize.

2. Pack your clothes the smart way

Packing your clothes can be a drag since everything needs to be folded nicely and put into boxes…or does it? If you have lots of clothes on hangers, you can make this step much easier. Simply slide your clothes on hangers directly into garbage bags. You can then pack the bags into boxes for some extra protection, or you can just group them in one corner of your moving truck. Unpacking would be a breeze, and you’d have all your clothes ready to be worn again right away.

3.Protect your makeup

If you like wearing makeup, you probably know how fragile powder cosmetics are. And if they break, well, there’s not much you can do except buy new makeup. So, when you start packing your delicate beauty items, make use of cotton balls. You can put them inside the makeup compacts so they can act as cushions. This way, your makeup is more likely to arrive at your new apartment in one piece.

4. Move on your own

If you have a lot of valuable things, or if you simply prefer to take things into your own hands, forget the moving companies. You can use a Budget truck rental option, get a few friends to help you move the boxes, and transfer your stuff to your new apartment. This way, you wouldn’t have to think about the boxes – whether something will get broken or not – because you’ll know exactly how you organized them.

5. Protect your dishware

If you have any valuable dishware, you can use your shirts to protect it. This way, you’d save on bubble wrap, and you’d also pack more things at once. Just don’t forget to label the boxes with breakable dishware so you know which boxes you need to be careful with – and where to find your dishes when you start unpacking.

6. Prevent messy explosions

Your bottled hygiene products can, sometimes, explode if you accidentally put them under some other heavy box. Plus, if you forget to close the lid tightly, well, you can imagine the mess you’ll have to clean up later. So, make sure to place all your shampoos, body lotions, moisturizers, and other liquid beauty products in plastic bags before packing them. This way, even if something does happen, the mess would be contained within the plastic bag and easier to clean.

7. Take pictures

You’ll probably take plenty of photos in your new home anyway, but this isn’t just about celebrating a new start. If you’re a renter, taking photos of your apartment before you move in will protect you when you decide to move out. It’ll increase your chances of getting your deposit back because you’ll be able to prove that the apartment you’re leaving is in the same condition as it was when you moved in.

Moving to a new apartment is always exciting, but it can also be exhausting. There are many things you need to keep in mind, and the moving part itself could drain your enthusiasm. So, consider the above-listed suggestions, and you’ll be done with the boring part in no time.

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