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10 Surprising Benefits Of Dragon Fruit

There are some hidden benefits of dragon fruit that you will discover in this article.

You are out grocery shopping, and you come across the fruit aisle. You see fruits like apples, oranges, bananas, grapes, strawberries, kiwi, etc. But, at the corner of a room sits a tray of a rather strange-looking fruit. It has long green spikes that stem from its pink body and looks exotic. You bend down and look closer at the nameplate that reads Dragon Fruit. Now that is a unique name!

You decide to bring it home and give it a try. You cut it open and see white flesh with black seeds that look like polka dots embedded in it. Your curiosity has hit the roof. So, you give it a bite. You realize that it does not have much of a taste. But you still take another piece. And before you can look down on your plate, the Dragon fruit is gone!

As unique as the name sounds, Dragon fruit has health benefits that will leave you amazed. Rather than having an all-natural fruit juice that contains sugar in it, eat dragon fruit that will give your body the healthy nutrients it needs.

10 Surprising Benefits Of Dragon Fruit

1. Dragon Fruit Keeps Your Body Hydrated

Dragon Fruit is a natural hydrant as it has 80 to 90 percent content. It also absorbs the water-soluble vitamins while keeping you full. Due to its high water content, Dragon fruit is low on calories. Hence, you should add it to your diet.

2. High In Nutrients

It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and beneficial plant compounds such as polyphenols, carotenoids, and betacyanins. Dragon fruit contains flavonoids, phenolic acid, ascorbic acid, and fiber are present in large proportions. These elements help to control diabetes. It can stabilize blood sugar levels by suppressing sugar spikes. However, with any dietary changes or modifications, always consult your doctor to make sure this is good food for you.

3. Helps To Reduce Heart Attack & Cholesterol

The antioxidants present in Dragon fruit helps to fight against plaque clogging up in the arteries, maintaining the blood circulation in the body that reduces the risk of heart attack to a large extent. Also, the dietary fibers in the fruit help to lower cholesterol levels.

4. Dragon Fruit For A Healthy Stomach

Research claims that dragon fruit contains prebiotic effects of oligosaccharides. It also promotes Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria’s growth of healthy bacteria that assist with diarrhea prevention and nutrient absorption for your gastrointestinal tract. It helps clean your digestive system. Eating the flesh and seeds, which contain essential protein, will keep your body fortified and satisfied.

5. Dragon Fruit Is Rich In Antioxidants

Vibrant in color, which also means that dragon fruit contains phytonutrients. It can provide you your much-required dose of antioxidants. Antioxidants help in fighting free radicals that could damage your cells and even lead to cancer. A diet rich in antioxidants keeps your skin young and vibrant.

6. Helps To Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

According to researchers, dragon fruit has anti-tumor, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties present in it. Experiments conducted found that dragon fruit reduces the chances of breast cancer in women.

7. Strengthens Your Immune System

The quality of your diet determines your body’s ability to fight infection, among several other factors. The vitamin C and carotenoids in dragon fruit may boost your immune system and prevent diseases by protecting your white blood cells from damage.

8. Dragon Fruit Is A High Source Of Potassium

Dragon fruit has many essential minerals, particularly potassium and calcium, which help in maintaining bone structure. Regular consumption of potassium is very vital for the cellular, electrical, nervous functions of our body. In simpler words, potassium plays a role in maintaining water content, pH, or acid balance in our body. If you are a diabetic person, having a diet rich in potassium may help you protect your heart and kidney.

9. Boosts Low Iron Levels

Dragon fruit is one of the few fresh fruits that contain iron. Iron plays a crucial role in transporting oxygen throughout your body. It also plays a vital role in breaking down food into energy.

10. Helps Support Healthy Bones

Dragon fruit contains magnesium, an essential mineral for maintaining a healthy skeletal system. One cup provides 80mg of magnesium, which is one-quarter of the minimum daily recommendation.

11. Reduces Signs Of Aging & Acne

Eating a dragon fruit with its rich antioxidants can keep the skin tight and young. You can even make a face mask using the fruit combined with honey as a natural alternative to anti-aging masks. It is also used to fight acne. Rich in Vitamin C, this fruit becomes a great ointment. Turn a slice of dragon fruit into a paste, and apply it to your acne spots. Then rinse with water. For best results, use twice daily.

12. Suppresses Arthritis

Arthritis directly affects the joints and causes severe irritation and immobility. Adding dragon fruit to your diet can help you fight these ailments. Its benefits are so great that dragon fruit is commonly called the anti-inflammatory fruit. Fiber present in dragon fruit aids in reducing obesity. Obesity is considered one of the major causes of arthritis.

Through this article, you have unlocked the secrets to the benefits of dragon fruit. Get this fruit before it runs out of stock.

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