• LifestyleWonderful Musical Artists We Grew Up Listening To

    10 Wonderful Musical Artists We Grew Up Listening To

    Our 90s generation was influenced by a number of music styles and musical artists, and we all grew up listening to a mix of bands or solo artists, whom we loved immensely and idolized even to an extent. Their songs would become a favorite on the playlist, the cassette or the CD of their albums would be played regularly, and…

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  • LifestyleTechnologies we Cannot Live Without

    10 Technologies we Cannot Live Without

    As the world developed gradually, there were scientific and technological advancements. First there was the invention of cars, then aeroplanes, then radios, television, telephones and now the world has come to such a time where everything is just a click away, be it in your tablets or mobiles. Such technological developments were made to make lives easier, but such has…

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  • FactsLesser known Facts About the Women in Blue

    15 Interesting Facts About the Women in Blue

    Women in Blue is the women’s cricket team that represents the Indian nation. The Indian Women’s Cricket Team was founded in 1976 and played their first test match series against West Indies. The team recorded its first-ever Test win against West Indies two years later, in November 1978, under the captaincy of Shantha Rangaswamy at the Moin-ul-Haq Stadium in Patna.…

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  • EntertainmentHorror Web Series

    10 Best Horror Web Series For The Teen Audience

    Spine chilling and keeping one at the edge, horror web series has always been popular among teens and young adults. Ranging from thrills received from zombies and vampires to shapeshifting ghouls and scary haunted houses and trees, horror web series has attracted many viewers. Although these horror web series have had a tremendous psychological impact for some, they have continued…

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  • Entertainment

    10 Must Read Classics Books Got To Look Out For

    Not all of us are book lovers and enjoy reading stories and novellas day in and day out. But there are a few stories that are a must-read for all, whether you enjoy literature, architecture, or science. These stories/novels have been considered classics for centuries, and for good reason too. They put forth the dreams of normal people like us,…

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