Travel The World One Cup of Coffee At A Time

Coffee is an essential power booster which kick-starts our day. But have you ever wondered how the world enjoys their cup of coffee? Well, there is one way to find out. How about boarding a flight to Ethiopia to enjoy the coffee ceremony or a trip to Italy for some espresso shots, exciting isn’t it? But on second thought I heard you are on a budget? Fist-bump, me too. But worry not, this article is affordable. And all you have to do is brew, I mean browse to see how a cup of coffee looks from around the world.

Cà phê trứng, Vietnam

Image credit: Vacations Vietnam

Cà phê trứng or egg coffee is a famous Vietnamese beverage made from creamy egg yolk and condensed milk mixture along with sugar. Later, the hot or cold brewed coffee is slowly poured over the fluffy foam to obtain a rich taste which keeps you drooling.

Mazagran, Algeria

Image credit: Meraki The Coffee House

First originated in Algeria, this cold, sweetened ice coffee is made with sweet flavored espresso, ice cubes and a slice of lemon. The Portuguese version of Mazagran uses espresso, rum, lemon wedge, and mint leaves whereas the Austrian version uses rum along with ice cubes.

Café con miel, Spain

cafe con miel
Image credit: Etsy

On a sunny afternoon, Spaniards are often seen drinking this delicious coffee, flavored with espresso, frothed milk, vanilla, and honey to warm the cinnamon notes.

Affogato, Italy

Image credit: The Affogato Lounge

Affogato is an Italian coffee-dessert where a scoop of vanilla ice-cream is drowned in an espresso shot topped with chocolate curls and crunchy hazelnuts or any nutty liquor.

Yuenyeung, Hong Kong

Image credit: Hong Kong Ocean Marriott Hotel

Why drink tea or coffee when you can drink both at the same time? Yuenyeung or coffee with tea is a famous beverage in Hong Kong made with 3 parts of coffee and 7 parts of Hong Kong-style milk tea which is served hot or cold. In Ethiopia, it is known as Spreeze, while in Malaysia it is known as Kopi Cham and Teaffee in the USA.

Café de olla, Mexico

cafe de olla
Image credit: Mexico in my kitchen

Café de olla or pot coffee is a traditional Mexican beverage made especially in an earthen clay pot with ground coffee, cinnamon, and powdered brown sugar. This coffee is often consumed by people living in cold regions and rural areas.

Kopi Joss, Indonesia

Image credit: Sprudge

Kopi Joss is a coffee dunked with a red hot piece of coal. Yes, you read it right. A burning chunk of coal which sizzles after hitting the beverage. Some say that the fizzy drink tastes like regular coffee or has notes similar to that of burnt caramel.

Kaffeost, Finland

Image credit: Reddit

After coffee with tea, how about some coffee with cheese? Don’t gross out but Kaffeost is a typical coffee from northern Sweden and Finland. This two-ingredient coffee has a creamy texture which comes from the cheese cubes dipped in the coffee and has a nutty, butter-like flavor.

Pharisees, Germany

Image credit: Petit appetite

Originated in the North Frisian Island, Pharisee is a strong, brewed coffee sweetened with sugar cubes and mixed with a shot of rum and topped with a dollop of freshly whipped cream.

Black ivory coffee, Thailand

Image credit: The Ritz-Carlton Hotel

Black ivory coffee or elephant dung coffee is one of the rarest types, having a distinctive taste to that of chocolate, spice and a tiny hint of grass.

Qahwah arabiyya, Arab world

Qahwah arabiyya
Image credit: Youtube

Qahwah arabiyya or Arabic coffee is made with cardamom as the main spice along with cloves, cinnamon, ginger, and strings of saffron. This coffee is served in small cups called finjān and often accompanied with dates to warm the bitter flavor of the coffee.

Café Touba, Senegal

Café Touba,
Image credit: youtube

Café Touba is a traditional drink from Senegal made from Selim pepper or cloves which are roasted and ground with the coffee beans and then filtered giving out a warm, smoky, whiskey-like flavor.

Spiced coffee, Morocco

Spiced coffee
Image credit: The hungry traveller

This fragrant dark coffee is blended with a variety of spices from nutmeg to cardamom, black pepper to cinnamon and a pinch of sesame seeds. One can also stir in some sugar to lower the spiciness.

Filter coffee, South India

Image credit: Coffee escapades

South Indian filter coffee or kaapi is made by mixing frothed milk and boiled milk with the coarse coffee grinds. It is first cooled down in a Madras-style dabarah, a saucer and then drunk from the tumbler.

Karsk, Norway

Image credit: Pinterest

Karsk or Kask is a Norwegian cocktail containing 3 parts moonshine, a high distilled spirit or vodka with 3 parts hot coffee and a spoonful of sugar. In English speaking countries it is known as Russian coffee, while in Denmark it is known as kaffepunch and in Sweden and Finland, it is known as kaffegök and kaffeblörö respectively.

So which of the above unique coffees would you try?

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