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8 Wondrous Benefits Of Reading Books

Do you ever feel like you are just wasting time scrolling Instagram and reading tweets? Want to be more productive than that? If only you could have a vocabulary of Shashi Tharoor? If yes, then you should probably start reading from now on. Books have been an essential part of our lives since childhood. But we only read it for exam sake. One never realizes what other benefits it could have. Here you will get to know about the other benefits. And to those who don’t enjoy reading, this will change this mindset of yours for sure.

8 Wondrous Benefits Of Reading Books

1. Time For Some Brain Exercise

Reading helps in mental stimulation. For your information, mental stimulation is anything that activates and enriches the mind. When a person reads, his mind is active and engaged in the plot of the story, etc. This acts as an exercise for your brain. Studies have shown that staying mentally stimulated can slow down or completely eradicate the progress of Alzheimer’s disease(a).

2. Build Up Your Vocabulary

Ever paid attention to the vocabulary of Shashi Tharoor. Such an exemplary collection of words. This is the magic of reading. The more you read, the more words keep adding to your everyday vocabulary. And when a person has a good vocabulary, he feels more confident and articulate. Being well-spoken is a plus point for any profession.

You won’t realize this when you start reading, but eventually, you will surely get the difference. So what are you waiting for?

3. No More Tension

Reading indeed, is a great source of entertainment. But most of us might not know that reading relieves us from tension and stress.

When you read, you are absorbed in words. In an altogether different world of different people and different scenarios. This change in pace causes you to forget about your anxieties and tensions. This is something unbelievable, yet true.

[Fact time: Reading for just 6 minutes each day reduces stress by 68%, a study conducted at the University of Sussex found]

4. Sleep Booster

You ever realized that reading could help you with sleep? Well, here we are not talking about sleep, which burdens our eyes, the moment we sit to study our course material. We are talking about the overall sleep pattern and the feeling of restfulness.

Books are your companion before you go to bed. Choosing a good book and giving it a read before you go to sleep is so relaxing. The type of literature is completely your preference. The ultimate idea is to read. Too good to be true, right?

5. Strong Analytical Power

Reading a mystery or a crime thriller and speculating about the book’s upcoming events is a widespread experience. This character will be dead, this character is the thief, so and so.

This is exactly what I am talking about. It improves our analytical power. We try to figure out certain situations, and our brain, which is constantly at work, improves our analytical strength. This really is a thing that will benefit all of us in the long run.

[Fact Time: Entrepreneur-turned-billionaire Bill Gates reads one book a week i.e. 52 books in a year]

6. Improves your Memory

Various characters, backgrounds, lives, attitudes, plots, sub-plots, and numerous arcs. If not all, we tend to remember at least some parts of the stories or novels we recently read. Now, how can this improve memory?

In simple words, whenever one reads, a memory is formed. It makes new pathways for the brain. These pathways strengthen the existing ones, which assist the brain in short-term memory recall. Short-term memory is any information that lasts between 30 seconds to several days.

7. Time To Broaden Your Mind

Every time you pick up a book, you are about to explore new ideas and thoughts. You may or may not support all of the ideas or points. But you get to see things from a different angle altogether. You get in-depth knowledge of certain topics.

You get new ideas and imaginations. By reading biographies, you get to know about people’s lives, ideas, thoughts, and whatnot. And when you don’t read, all you have is a single perspective, based on your upbringing.

8. Better At holding Conversation

This is something we actually need. When a person reads, he never runs out of topics. So many topics, so many ideas, so many characters to which one can relate to. And who doesn’t like a person who talks about something sensible and interesting instead of gossiping?

So now, what’s stopping you? Start reading and become everyone’s favourite.

Beginners Guide To Reading

  • Welcome to the club, first of all. Start with short stories and fiction. You will find it interesting. Eventually, you may switch to non-fiction.
  • Start with the printed ones. Then you may opt for e-books and audiobooks.
  • Find your comfort genre. Start reading books on the same.
  • Make reading a part of your routine. Keep books within easy reach so you may read whenever you get a chance.

[Fact time: There are “human libraries” around the world where you can check out humans as a living books and listen to their unique life stories]


Enrich your mind with new words, ideas, and ideals. And for this to happen, all you need is a book. Choose any genre; the most important thing is to read. Since you are aware of the many benefits of reading, you should start as soon as possible. I would love to have some book suggestions in the comment section.


Darsh is a blogger and previous owner of this website.

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