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10 Popular Vegan Restaurants in India

Be it fashion, health, or food everything changes with time, nothing remains untouched

Veganism is the new lifestyle trending in the market. People are confused between vegetarian food and vegan food. Vegan food excludes every kind of animal-based product and encourages a healthier and cruelty-free diet.

If we look at the latest trends in the food industry, more and more people are adopting veganism. People are prohibiting the eating of animal-related food products with this practice. Many people believe veganism is going to stay with people for a long time and contrary to popular belief it is much more than just fruits and vegetables.

Recently various celebrities have promoted veganism. Even many popular Bollywood celebrities like Genelia and Ritesh Deshmukh joined the bandwagon by launching a plant-based meat venture.
This change is shown undoubtedly because of social media. In the last few months, hundreds of animal cruelty videos have been shared in order to make people aware. Even now a lot of people are becoming ‘Vegan Influencers’ in order to promote veganism in India. This trend resulted in the opening of various vegan restaurants.

Top 10 vegan restaurants in India

If you are also a vegan and looking forward to eating out all over India to get a true taste of a vegan diet so here are the top 10 popular vegan restaurants in India that you must look out for:-

1. Rose café (New Delhi)

If you are looking for the best vegan restaurant in the city’s capital you should definitely go to Rose Café and you won’t regret it for sure. This cafe dedicates its entire section of the menu to vegan dishes. Different types of salads (pumpkin or beetroot), open sandwiches, pasta, vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie, and also a bunch of desserts including vegan banana cake, apple cake, and our favorite, Dark Chocolate Gelatoetc are there on the menu itself.

 It is known to be one of the lavish cafés in town. The café is divided into indoor and alfresco dining, and both are equally inviting and eye-catching. However, the indoor arena makes you feel like you’re in a bakery, and on the other side, the alfresco has charming patches of greenery around its periphery.

2. Carrots (Bengaluru)

Carrots are known as India’s first vegan restaurant. It has gained a good reputation for amazing food in a very short period of time. This place is also famous for its freshly baked carrot cake They usually serve to vegans and also people who have gluten allergies. So they set their menu which is totally dairy and gluten-free. This place is great in terms of both food and ambiance as it gives a homely ambiance and also their staff is warm and patient. The motto of the restaurant is “For better health, for better tomorrow.” As it promotes fair trade and organic farming.

3. Wabi-Sabi (Kolkata)

Wabi-Sabi is an amazing place The place for all those people looking to have some fun while enjoying their food is wabi-sabi. It is an amazing place. This vegan restaurant is known best for romantic dinners or brunches. The menu of this place is fully loaded with vegan eatings. However, there are a lot of options to choose from a variety of salads, sandwiches, wraps, sizzlers, and main dishes. 

4. ‘Bean Me Up’ (GOA)

You are always worried about your diet whenever you are going for a vacation, but if you are going to goa then you can continue with your vegan diet without any interference. ‘Bean Me Up’ a goa based vegan restaurant provides some incredible starters and main courses. The restaurant not only provides your with a great ambiance, but also give you enough options in breakfast, sizzlers, pizzas, wraps, and even main The place provides you a huge spiritual vibe and one can sit, read your favorite novel, write, listen to music or just stay idle.

5. The Greener café (Delhi)

The Greenr Café was started by its own initiative. The initiative was that they started using plant-based meats which are a closer replacement of animal meat. They only use textured proteins derived only from plants, with a combination of vegetables, nuts, and seeds. However, the café has transitioned from more traditional alternatives to newer and more innovative ones. The Greenr Café completely has moved onto to healthier options and leave the idea of processed food which contains preservatives and chemicals. By using plant-based foods the café attempts to completely switch out nutrients and textures of animal meat with these which are equally nutritious.

6. PRISiM Health Food (Mumbai)

This place is 100% vegan and only serves quality organic meals that are made without preservatives or chemicals. They source organic produce and the food is extremely fresh and also they put only something in the menu that’s the reason they have a limited menu. They are famous for their creamy Mushroom crepes and banana almond butter smoothie.

7. Sequel Bistro & Juice Bar (Mumbai)

Sequel Bistro & Juice Bar is another famous café in Mumbai. It is situated in Bandra . It’s a one-point stop for all the health-freaks There are many delicious dishes on their menu which attract vegan towards the café. Moreover, vegans can opt for their protein bowl that has sun-dried tomatoes, oven-baked millet, spinach and peas falafel, roasted baby carrots, charred red pepper hummus with olive oil dressing.

8. The Square (Guwahati)

If you are going to Eastern India you can go with your vegan diet. However, to make your trip easy, you can go to a  vegan restaurant by the name of The Square by Novotel. However, the  USP of this place is the midnight menu that will definitely amaze you and their menu will definitely attract you. It is the only vegan restaurant in Guwahati.

9. Travel Yoga Cafe (New Delhi)

It is the first fully vegan cafe in Delhi. This café offers vegan fusion cuisine inspired by travel. This café includes dishes from different continents such as the Mediterranean influenced dishes such as za’atar tofu scramble, baba ganoush, and hummus to East Asian dishes like cajun cashew jackfruit, lentil bento box, and poha. The menu also offers you nut milk porridge, an all-day breakfast, juices made from local fresh fruits, and a selection of artisan teas and coffees. Last but not least it also organizes vegan walks of Delhi.

10. The Terrassen Café (Hyderabad)

This café is located in the upmarket locality of Banjara Hills. This Hyderabad based tiny vegan café has an earthy rustic feel to it. There is no doubt that it is a quick stopover for anyone who is looking to grab some coffee in soy or coconut milk along with a banana walnut cake. However, it’s a purely entire vegan café.

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