What Are Dreams Made Of? You’ll Get Your Answer Here!

Have you ever been fascinated to know what dreams really mean?

How and why do we even dream?

Are dreams related to some spirits who are trying to warn us about something?

Well, here are some mind-boggling facts and information which will help you find out what is actually happening when you’re asleep!

Dream, according to Wikipedia is: “A succession of images, ideas,  emotions, and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in our mind.”

So does that mean blind people may not dream at all?

Of course, they dream. Their dreams may not include images of any sort. However, it works fine with their other senses- such as smell, touch, sound, etc.

We might not have just one or two, but a dozen of dreams in one sleep! You may ask: How’s that even possible? Since most of the time, we wake up having no idea what we dreamt of. This is because we tend to lose our concentration in our sleep. It might sound crazy, but we dream just for 20 to 30 minutes. And if we try to recall that within 5 minutes after waking up, we are able to recollect only half of it.

So when do we actually start dreaming?

Studies have shown that dreams occur in the rapid-eye movement (REM) stage of sleep.

The Theory Of Dreams: What Are Dreams Made Of?

Every human is different.We have different thoughts, desires, and dreams. Some of these reflect what we have been doing the whole day and, may loop up with some events which haven’t even happened yet. Dreams leave us in awe.

Did you know that people in Mesopotamia believed that when we are asleep our soul moves out of our body and visits people or places? The fact is that when we sleep, we dream of things which left us wondering for hours. For example, if we watch a movie, there are chances that some clips of that movie may repeat in our dream. The more we focus on something, the more it lasts in our memory.

So, what are dreams made of? Dreams may include our worst fears, which we call nightmares. These maybe include a particular phobia, or just the feeling of losing somebody, or something really important to us. Anxiety is the most common emotion that is expressed in dreams. And therefore we dream of flying, falling, public humiliation, etc.

Men and women have different dreams. Men may have violent and aggressive dreams while women may have both violent and calm dreams. Even animals have dreams! You must have noticed a dog or a cat twitching its paws as if they were running in its sleep.

If you ever feel scared of continuous nights of nightmares, all you have to do it stay calm and think of positive things before sleeping and you will notice the difference.

Now that you know what are dreams made of, I am sure that the next time you have a dream which left you pondering, you will know what exactly your dream was about!

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