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Plastic Surgery Trends that will Blow your Mind

Plastic Surgery is a branch of study in which the aim is to improve the appearance or function of human body. It involves repairing or replacing the defect or deformity of the human body. As the name suggest plastic surgery is derived from the root word known as ‘plastikos’, which means to mould or to form. Plastic surgery gives structure to your body making it completely perfect which you have dreamed of. The motive of people undergoing these surgeries is sometimes they are not confident with their own looks, physical features, and body. Hence, they plan to undergo the knife resulting in a better appearance, boost up confidence and self-esteem.

Everything has a two side to it same in the case of plastic surgery. It has its own pros and cons. The positive side includes an increase in self-confidence of a person which will ultimately result in boosting up of the person’s self-esteem. The joy and satisfaction the patient experience after the successful operation is just like a cherry on the cake. But there is some degree of risk involved in the process but these risks are rare but sometimes can occur due to certain health conditions like diabetes. It is recommended to consult an experienced doctor who has more proven track records of successful operations and very fewer complications.

There are many popular yet unknown to quite a lot of people plastic surgeries trends here are some of them –

1. Six Pack Creation

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Yes, this possible now. It is a surgical operation in which the fat around the abdominal area is sucked. This surgery is best for people who don’t work out or exercise. In this process of operation, the procedure combines liposuction and shrinking of the skin.

2. Dark/Pigmented Knee Peel

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This is much unknown plastic surgery and on trend for years. Many women of Asia and Africa who are not happy with their dark and pigmented knees undergo this process in which chemical peels are done to achieve white knees. This process can be done for dark pigmented elbows, hands and feet too.


3. Chubby cheek surgery

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People whose face are very chubby and look overweight can undergo this minor surgery to eliminate the fat accumulation. This process offers the best solution to people whose cheeks look fuller. In this operation, the doctor removes the large portion of fat.

4. Change of color iris implant

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Earlier there was no surgery possible to change the color of eyes but today iris can be implanted on top of the real iris to change the color of the eyes permanently. It is a very simple process which will change the color of the eye without giving any pain.

 5. Voice lift surgery

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If you don’t like the damaged or ageing voice you can change it by undergoing a surgery in which the surgeon will split open your neck and which operate the vocal cord by which you can get better quality of voice.

 6. Surgery for genitals

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If you don’t know about it but it is possible to undergo a surgery for private parts in which women can go for treating ill-proportioned vaginal lips, tightening the vagina canal and vagina enhancement.

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