Telekinesis – Moving Things With Your Mind. How Viable Is This?

What strikes your mind when you hear the word Magic? Something is done with unnatural acts behind it, something for which the reasons can only be found with a magician and the things which often fascinate people of all ages alike. Telekinesis or Psychokinesis comes sort of within the category of Magic. Although the word ‘Psychokinesis’ is self-evident in conveying its meaning, it becomes my business to clarify it even so. I will use the word Telekinesis here in this article. So, Telekinesis is the said psychic ability in a person to get in touch with a physical object without any physical contact. Summing it up, moving things with the mind is Telekinesis. And therefore the word, Psychokinesis. Got it?

The question hovers on the reality of telekinesis and how viable is this. This often comes back to the relationship between consciousness and reality. Does our subconscious mind do everything and we are being deceived? Or is this a real phenomenon existing out there in the world handled by some of the experts? Mind over matter, if one has to describe this in three words. Many researchers have claimed the power of the mind to be far greater than the power of our consciousness. Although Jedi in Star Wars had the same thing, experiencing it first hand in the real world is something which many of us might want but are incapable of having it.

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How to develop telekinesis?

There are many sites which claim to guide us for attaining telekinetic power and be an expert in that. The necessary steps to reach telekinetic power are as follows –

  1. The importance of visualisation – Similar to meditation, you have to focus on the objects around you. Visualise them in the best way possible. Continue with this until you can envision the entire scene by yourself.
  2. Develop your superhuman skills – Superhuman- not the Batman, Spiderman, Bloody Mary type- but a clear mind without the thoughts deviating you. That can be done only with the help of meditation. Listening to meditation music will help you focus on nothing but that soothing and calming tune.
  3. Broaden the perspective of your mind – Open it up. Ignore all the logical statements and hindrances provided by your inner self. Perceive and imagine the possibility of telekinesis as true. Believe that you can do it. Let it happen. Don’t be an obstacle in your path of progress.
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4. Patience is the key – Nothing big has ever happened within a blink of an eye. So have patience. It is even more required in the field of telekinesis. Might take weeks, months or even years. It is unlike all the weight losing workouts and instrumental classes you take where you can see gradual progress. It’s all in a kick which can strike anytime.

5. Relax – If you are into meditation, this will be no hard task for you. But you really have to try to keep your mind at that time to be present at the moment.

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Practice till you achieve

After doing this, congratulate yourselves for getting in the zone of telekinesis successfully. All you need to do next is to practice it on objects around you. The objects can be as small as a matchstick to as big as your own height. Concentrate on the object on which you are trying to experiment. Flamework, PSI exercises, switching between the exercises will help you not to lose interest in this.

Remember, there’s no hurry. There is enough time left to practice this. Whenever you feel mentally or physically tired, leave it then and there. Start after a day or two with a fresh mind.

Be patient. Relax. Concentrate. Meditate. Be a master of ‘mind over matter- Telekinesis.’ Do leave your reviews after you have tried this. Let others know the viability of this.

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