Stay Hydrated The Other Way-Now Just Eat Water!

Plastic bottles containing drinking water are discarded just anywhere after use. These plastic bottles are the culprits of the environmental hazards since they take years to decompose. Less than 50% of the bottles are recycled while others just add to the degradation of the environment.

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How about replacing these plastic bottles with something more eco-friendly?

The edible water bubble-Ooho:

Well, that’s exactly what the duo Pierre Paslier and Rodrigo Garcia of Skipping Rocks Lab have achieved from their invention for an alternative to plastic bottles. The quirky and ingenious innovation has gained much appreciation and a good funding too. The product has also won the Lexus Design award.

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Now you can slurp water, guzzle it, sip it or you can eat it, that too without harming the environment like plastic water bottles.

 Technique and Composition:

The Ooho-an edible water balloon contains water inside a thin membrane. Of course, the membrane is edible, made of biodegradable seaweed and calcium chloride. The technique is known as ‘spherification’. That is, shaping liquids into spheres and it uses the techniques of molecular gastronomy. This is completely edible, biodegradable, easy to make and cheap.

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Ooho is basically a water ball which you can eat creating no environmental hazard. It is colorless and tasteless but it can have different flavors.

So get ready to experience drinking like never before!

Challenges Ahead:

It could be a great success but only if these are easily transportable and storable. These blobs need to be packaged into some cover so as to be sellable. But, it also seems impractical in the long run, completely negating its anti-packaging idea.

Currently, the team is trying to raise enough funds to bring this weird gimmick to the market.

Indeed a completely revolutionary idea to change the way we drink packaged water, creating lots of plastic waste.

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