Who Were The Green Children Of Woolpit: An Unsolved Mystery

The Mystery Of Green Children

Do aliens really exist? Is there any other parallel dimension? Is there another world on any other planet? These questions are something that always remains unanswered but there are so many incidents and legends that let us dive into the ocean of queries and confusion. Here is an incident for you.


There is a village named Woolpit in Suffolk, England. In the 12th century, when there was the chaotic reign of King Stephen of England, there emerged two children from the pits meant to ensnare the wolves. The reapers working there in field heard them crying and took them out. The two children, a boy, and a girl had green-hued skin and their clothes were quite strange made of unfamiliar materials. They were speaking in an unknown tongue. The reapers carried them to a gentleman named Sir Richard De Calne who sheltered them. The children kept on crying. They refused to eat everything except fresh raw beans.

However, the boy could not cope with this environment, got sick and died but the girl survived and grew hearty and healthy. She learned speaking English and was even baptized. The story that she narrated after that surprised everyone. She said that she and her brother came from the land with no sun, called Saint Martin’s Land where it was perpetual twilight. The people living there were all green in color and spoke a language unknown to people and had a different lifestyle.

The girls further said that she and his brother heard some loud sound of bells and became entranced. After that they found themselves in that pit from where they were they could see glaring sunlight. She remembered nothing else except this.


The girl lived long after her discovery. Her green color slowly faded away and she married a local man. But she could not provide any information that could prove to be further help for the people. Their green-color skin, unknown clothing, unidentified language and their Discovery are still a mystery.


Various theories have been put forward to the enigma of green children of Woolpit. Like, they originated from a hidden land inside the earth that they had stepped somehow through a door from a  parallel dimension on Earth. It is also suspected if they were aliens. Some also say that the children were suffering from Hypochromic Anemia which affects RBCs and result in the green shade of skin. However, whether the story is a strange fairy-like tale or a real incident is also a matter of uncertainty.

The story found a considerable place as an ideal fantasy by the English anarchist poet and critic Herbert Read in his English Prose Style, published in 1931. It provided the inspiration for his only novel, the green child, written in 1934.

Various other writers have put this story into their writings, which are worth reading.

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