Freedom Park: Prisoners Get Their Rights Here!

India is known for the unique way in which it got its independence from the British. It was the only country that used non-violent methods to ward off the colonizers from the country after 200 odd years of suppression. Many places in India are iconic for the historical importance and reference they hold concerning Independence. We all know of the Jallianwala Bhag Garden, known for the atrocity that happened. But how many of us here know the significance that the “Freedom Park” in Bangalore holds historically and culturally?

history freedom park
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History of Freedom Park

Freedom Park is famous for all the rallies and non-violent protests that happen against many social issues. But there is a reason why it is called Freedom Park, and the name might actually have a lot of irony to it. Previously, the park was the central jail during the times of the British Raj. Many freedom fighters were jailed at this venue during the ‘State of Emergency’ that happened in 1975. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, LK Advani, Lala Lajpat Rai, etc. were some people who got arrested. During such protests, the number of freedom fighters was in such high numbers that more jails had to be built to occupy them all. That is one main reason why the Central Jail in Bengaluru was built.

The Bangalore Corporation officials worked on the restructuring and remodeling of this park for over eight years starting from the year 2006. The project was given to Matthew and Ghosh, to redesign this 22-acre jail. 5 acres of the park is entirely dedicated to protests and rallying or to hold social meetings and gatherings. The architects have restructured the park in such a way that, many aspects of it still reminds us of the jail that it previously was. The spaces close to the then central tower is now dedicated to art galleries, museums and performance spaces. The other segment of the acres is dedicated entirely for the park which has children play area, space to exercise, go for walks and green spots to sit and enjoy the Bangalore weather with a hot cup of coffee!

Irony of Freedom Park

The irony of this park’s name is what makes it more beautiful. This was a place, where people got arrested for demanding fundamental rights and freedom. This was an arena where no one dared even to utter the word freedom. And now, this is the same arena that has become a platform to voice our opinions and criticism against a lot of social evils that is prevalent in our society today. The park has seen a lot of protests and rallies ranging from Anna Hazare’s India Against Corruption (IAC) to the very recent protests where feminists all across the city to voice out their opinions about the molestation that happened on New Year’s night. The city of Bangalore has seen the power of millions of youngsters coming and voicing their unadulterated views and un-minced criticism for every social wrong, and that is what I think indeed shows the tribute, respect, and gratitude that we carry for the brave freedom fighters who were jailed in this very place two centuries ago!

So readers, next time you come to Bangalore, Koramangala and the pubs aren’t the only places you should be visiting!

irony of freedom park
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