6 Shocking Secrets Of Your Favourite Fairy tales

We have grown up, reading fairy tale books and watching Disney Movies every Sunday. You realize how they have influenced you when you start dreaming of a life for yourself like one of those; with a handsome prince charming, true love, beautiful gowns, and a good hair day every day.

But these fairy tales were just an adaptation by Disney of the original stories which were actually written in the olden days to instigate moral values in kids. Yes, they were used as moral stories. They were used to teach kids that cruelty, vanity, and bad doings ultimately lead to sad endings. Most of the stories promoted the idea of Karma, and how what goes around and comes around.

6 Shocking Secrets Of Your Favourite Fairy tales

1. Cinderella

We very well remember how every girl in the village went gaga over the handsome Prince Charming and wanted to fit her shoe in the glass slipper. The desperate evil sisters can do anything for their evil mother whose thoughts are even evil than her. They literally cut off parts of their feet to fit into the shoes and be the princess. One of them is later caught by the prince with bleeding shoes when he is forced by a magic dove to see them. The same dove pecks the sister’s eyes off after the Prince finally meets Cinderella.

2. Beauty and The Beast

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Jealousy can eat you up and also TURN YOU INTO A STONE! Beauty’s two elders sister can’t stand her extraordinary beauty and her happiness of being with the beast. They were malevolent and cruel, always conspiring against her. Well, Karma didn’t spare them, as in the end they were turned into a stone by an enchantress when they tried to separate the beauty and the beast.

3. Snow White

The insecure vain stepmother we know about is actually Snow White’s real mother in the original version who also happens to be the queen. She orders the huntsmen to get Snow White’s Lungs for dinner when the Magic Mirror does not declare her the “prettiest of all”.
After this didn’t work out, the queen herself tried killing Snow White several times, ending up unsuccessful. But in the end, the queen gets caught into her own trap when she is forced to wear hot burning iron shoes and dance until death at Snow White’s and the prince’s wedding.

4. The Little Mermaid

There is no happy ending in the real version of ‘The Little Mermaid’. When the mermaid goes to the Sea Witch, after saving the Prince from the shipwreck, she is offered to turn into a human in exchange for her tongue (since she has a beautiful voice). She accepts the offer and surrenders her tongue to live with the prince. After doing everything possible, she still didn’t win his love and hence was cursed to die. On the day of the Prince’s marriage to another woman, she died after turning into a seafoam.

5. Sleeping Beauty

The princess is not just a beautiful princess cursed to sleep forever only to be awakened by a prince’s magical kiss; she is a rape victim in the real version of the tale. Upon being raped by a king in her sleep, she gives birth to twins (still in sleep) and wakes up when one of them sucks her finger. Somehow she meets the same king (now married) and falls in love with him. A typical melodramatic wife tries to kill the twins and gets the princess burnt alive, but luckily fails to do so. In the end, sleeping beauty live happily ever after with the king (also her rapist).

6. The Little Red Riding Hood

The cute little red riding hood is not innocent for us anymore. The story has two versions. In one, she is tricked by the wolf to eat the cooked flesh of her own grandmother and drink her blood like wine. While, in the other one she strips naked after entering the house, jumps into the bed, and is gobbled up by the dear wolf.

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