Soul Tattoo To The Rescue: Body Art That Heals!

It was a lazy Sunday and as it was raining outside, I was curled up in my blanket and was so bored that I was going through my Snapchat and that’s when I came across a snap series called ‘Soul Tattoo’ which said, “Would you get a tattoo based on your aura?”
Now you’ll ask me “what is aura?”I know that there are many questions in your mind which, believe me, even I checked out and I bet your first question is:-

1) So what is a soul tattoo?

A soul tattoo is, as the name suggests, a tattoo based on your soul! This sacred tattoo art is a creative process used for healing since early humanity. These tattoos are one of a kind of healing hand-poked tattoos for honoring one’s path and connection to their spirit. Our ancestors around the world all used the art of tattooing in their culture as a sacred rite for transformation. Tattoos act as sacred symbols and act as such potent vibrational medicine that it wouldn’t make any sense to not to do this work with intention.

With a soul tattoo, we can harness the true power and use it to heal and shift into deeper alignment with our purpose. When you are in your element, you become magnetic! You become expansive! These tattoos can act as a tool for clients to embody their true essence and to open up to receive what their soul is ready for, assisting them with their evolution. And that, my friends, is a Soul Tattoo!

Soul Tattoos

2) Who even does that!?

Two women named Ashley Glynn and Rachel Christensen are licensed tattoo artists and medicine women, with Ashley based in San Francisco and Rachel in Maleny. Ashley also goes by the name Wadulisi Woman. Wadulisi is Cherokee(Tribe) for ‘honeybee,’ a tribute to Ashley’s Cherokee(Tribe) mystic grandparents, and all the Wadulisi women who came before her in her lineage.

Ashley and Rachel work with the spirit of the natural elements, especially the flowers of our earth, as well as the subtle energy field, The Divine Feminine which is the energy of love and creation, and sacred symbolism for deep healing of the clients. Ashley’s focus is to assist her clients in awakening to their power so that they heal and honor their truths.

Ashley Glynn (Top) Rachel Christensen (Bottom)

3) Does it hurt?

Of course, it might be a little painful because they are straight-up poking needles into your skin. But the clients describe each symbol of the tattoo feeling differently at an emotional level. They say that each time a symbol is poked, it releases a different kind of energy. They feel sad, happy, grateful, relaxed and sometimes, it’s a flood of all the emotions as reviving and letting go all at once can be a little overwhelming.

4) And how exactly is it going to rescue me?

These tats will rescue you in a spiritual way, the ink of these tattoos is like medicine. With that medicine in you, you can lead a happier life, one that is full of joy and strength to fight bigger battles and win larger challenges. Any kind of grief, traumas and bad memories can be healed and will give you a boost of spirit. The moment I found out about Soul Tattoos, I was so intrigued by this idea that I can’t explain it in words. The booking for soul tattoos are currently closed and that’s what upsets me the most.

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