Which dress to choose to refine your silhouette?

A print mesh dress can have different cuts. There are indeed flared, straight, long, short, etc. dresses. To refine a silhouette with voluptuous curves, we advise you to avoid floral print-type dresses at first.

The only printed dress that will refine and lengthen a silhouette will be the dress with vertical stripes, which creates an illusion of length. We, therefore, advise you to opt for a plain model, black or any other dark color, and a classic cut, such as midi dresses in cotton or viscose.

You can choose a model of dress close to the body but avoid too tight parts. This would mark the areas where the underwear is seen. Also, a V-neckline will highlight the bust.

What type of dress to choose according to its morphology?

Generous chest, very little waist, or wide hips, women are not all made in the same mold. And that’s perfect! However, choosing the right dress is important, so that your silhouette is highlighted, regardless of your style of dress.

Dress for an A body type:

The A-shaped, or triangle, body shape defines a silhouette with a small chest, narrow shoulders, a slim waist, a wider pelvis, rounder buttocks, and thighs.

To highlight this silhouette, you have to bet everything on the part of the upper body. The latter being thinner, we will bring it volume so that the silhouette is more harmonized.

If you are in this case, we advise you to wear balloon-sleeved dresses (very trendy), raglan sleeves, or even short-sleeved dresses for the summer.

Regarding the neckline, you are free to choose the collar you want, everything suits you! It can be a dress with a V-neck, a plunging neckline, or a boat neckline. In terms of materials and colors, favor fluid fabrics. Printed patterns can be becoming, but be careful when they are too busy.

On the other hand, avoid anything that will amplify the shapes on the bottom: pockets, dresses with pleats, as well as horizontal stripes. Opt for example the bustier dress, perfect for small breasts, it highlights the neckline, the smocked dress, which will bring volume to the upper part of the body (the rest being a fluid fabric, it will perfectly harmonize the silhouette), or the empire dress, which will highlight the shoulders and slim the hip area.

Dress for a V body shape:

The characteristics of a V-shaped morphology are broad shoulders and/or generous chest, slightly marked hips, a narrow pelvis, and few buttocks. Your silhouette is therefore the opposite of the A-line silhouette. We advise you to work on the lower volumes and to minimize the volumes on the upper body. Dresses with a square, asymmetrical, or V neckline are perfect. At, we offer short dresses onlineat the best prices!

Choose a women’s dress with pleats, ruffles, pockets, or even an overall dress. Anything that brings volume to the lower part of your body. You can also fall for: The dress with yokes on the hips, which gives a volume effect that widens the pelvis a little, and the belted tunic dress (but be careful, the belt must be worn low on the waist, this will create an illusion of volume at the hips), or the bohemian style dress, with a fairly loose shape on the lower body.

Dress for an X morphology:

Women with an X body shape have a narrow waist and wide hips, which are roughly equivalent to shoulder width. The X silhouette is considered to be the most harmonious silhouette because the proportions are well distributed.

But, we agree that there is no ideal figure, just women’s bodies that are different. Thus, with an X morphology, close-fitting dresses will be very pretty and highlighted, regardless of whether you have curves or not. We still advise you to avoid too showy prints (big flowers, polka dot dress) if you have generous curves.

Thus, we recommend the belted shirt dress, which will be very beautiful with a marked waist, the tight-fitting dress, to highlight the silhouette, the printed dress with straps, which will bring out your shoulders, or the well-fitted dress which marks the size, to enhance your assets.

Dress for an H body shape:

The H-shaped or rectangular, morphology is synonymous with a harmonious silhouette. The hips and shoulders are at the same level. However, you may want to feminize your silhouette and highlight your shapes. If this is the case then opt for fluid dresses, a little flared at the bottom, with a waist marked by a belt for example.

We suggest the trapeze dress, which hides a slightly marked waist (there are very pretty ones in denim or veil), the draped effect dress, which fleshes out the silhouette at the hips, and the strapless dress, slightly flared at the bottom, which highlights the neckline and the hips, or the long dress and the flowing dress. Choose a pretty dress with localized patterns on the bottom, to accentuate the volumes, and put on a belt.

Dress for an I morphology:

Dress with cut out shoulders is characterized by a very slender silhouette. The shoulders and hips are fairly aligned, and the waist is only slightly marked. The I morphology is quite similar to the H morphology. The goal will therefore be to feminize your silhouette as much as possible to bring out your assets. Choose a low-cut dress with a marked waist. Or mark the waist with a belt. 

A flared dress is also very suitable. Regarding the length, avoid long dresses, or large XXL cuts. Also, note that the smocked dress with a V-neck highlights small breasts.

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