15 Best Feel-Good Animated Movies

No matter how old we are, we would be lying if we said that we do not like a typical Disney or Pixar new release. There is just something so mesmerizing about these stories and immensely beautiful picturization.

I think we can all get along with how these movies would bring out the child in us and make us wish that we were in the same world as those characters are! If you would like to reminisce about your childhood days and get into the magical world of animation, look no further!

We have tried to enlist some highly entertaining and aesthetically pleasing animated movies. They go as follows;

15 Best Feel-Good Animated Movies

1. Up (2009)

Although this movie holds the power to make someone cry their eyes out in some places, the fact that it is actually one of the most impressive animated movies ever made remains intact. The movie revolves around a widower who decides to fulfill his and his beloved wife’s lifelong dream destination in his flying house. 

This funny, adventure-packed movie will have the viewer go through all kinds of emotions; happiness, laughter, pity, sadness, overpowering… but in the end, this movie will leave you satisfied

2. How To Train Your Dragon Series (2010-2019)

Let me remind you again; dragons can be tough. And they are all set to burn the imaginary city of Berk and its residents, the Vikings, into ashes. As the Vikings fight back, Hiccup, son of the Chief, realizes that if trained properly, these beasts can be favorable and keep other enemies away from their land. (And come on, giant reptiles can make excellent pets too!)

This chaotic story throws light on leadership and the power of love. It would definitely remind you of the time you had to train your dogs.

3. Monsters Inc. (2001)

This is another movie that accurately portrays the magic and dazzling grounds of the Pixar world.

What happens when a little girl enters the world of monsters, whose job is to scare people? Their world turns upside down! Check out this movie for a roller coaster of emotions in this utterly delightful classic like Toy story.

4. Frozen (2013)

The story is set in a white wonderland revolving around Anna, who is determined to find her elder sister, Elsa, along with adorable and comical sidekicks. Anna is the princess of a prosperous land that somehow froze. As the mystery opens up, the story gets more demonstrative, compassionate, adventurous, and heroic.

A sequel to this movie was released in 2019.

5. Soul (2020)

This is Pixar’s latest release. The movie has won an academy award for the best-animated feature film. Besides, it is one of the most impactful movies Pixar has ever made.

The story revolves around a jazz musician who wants to escape his average job. Things turn down, and something unthinkable happens. The story gives an essential message on how finding one’s spark should drive human lives but at the same time how human obsession can have adverse outcomes.

6. Inside Out (2015)

“Do you ever look at someone and wonder, what is going on inside their head” If yes, then this is the movie for you.

Ever wondered how emotions work? Because in this movie, it is beautifully portrayed. From being clear about how we feel to what happens when they mess up!  This creative comedy will have the viewers smiling throughout the movie.

7. Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse (2018)

To many of us, Spider-man was the first superhero we came across. The live-action movies were definitely gripping and entertaining. This is a classic spider-man film with spider man becoming the protector of more than one city. In fact, more than one multiverses.

The amazing picturization makes this action-packed movie feel jumpy and more alive.

8. Despicable Me Series (2010)

A criminal mastermind Gru plans to pull out the greatest heist in the history, but his three adopted daughters have other plans! As they start seeing their real father in Gru and his life gets set to take an unexpected turn.

The infamous “Minions” are also hilarious characters in these chaotic yet adorable movies. The last part of this series is set to arrive in 2022.

9. Wall-E (2008)

What if machines had feelings?! Wall-E is a highly thought-provoking yet entertaining film. It is probably the most thoughtful Pixar movie ever made where a machine is set to clean all the waste-covered Earth.

It is a delightful futuristic satire, and things just keep getting better as the movie moves ahead. You HAVE to watch this movie, especially at a time when the environment must be considered.

10. Toy Story Series (Since 1995)

This movie is bound to take young adults to their childhood days. I am sure that if you had watched this movie, you must have looked at your toys and wondered if they talked too!

The main character, Woody, is a cowboy and leader of all the toys Andy owns. Watching him fight for the remaining Andy’s favorite toy and Andy growing up as the series continues is bittersweet. The concept, picturization, characters… these movies are a blend of entertainment.

11. The Boss Baby (2017)

This baby is not our average “cute-faced, eventually crying, and eat, play, sleep” kind. He is on a mission along with his neighborhood toddlers. Watching him make chaos and drive his sibling nuts is hilarious to watch for every generation.

The most interesting part is that there is a conflict between babies and puppies. Plus, the writers have hilariously and innocently explained the childbirth process, so you can skip the conversation of young children around you asking, “where do babies come from?”

12. Coco (2017)

This is the story of Miguel from Mexico. His family does not encourage his passion and love for music. He ends up getting into a world of the dead where he finds something highly unexpected!

This is a colorful, emotional, and brilliant journey of Miguel’s journey of self-discovery. This movie will also make you feel the importance of celebrating family and the beautiful music holds. It is overall an enjoyable movie experience.  

13. The Incredibles Franchise (2004-2018)

The Incredibles family live a normal “white-collared-job” to hide their superpowers. Everything about this movie is just incredible. The music, the action, the story, the voice-overs… everything! This film successfully recreates a 1950s spy movie action.

This movie is definitely worth a late-night movie-watching session if you are looking for crazy action without compromising on entertainment and comedy with the magic of animation.

14. Brave (2012)

“If you had a chance to change your fate, would you?”

Nothing is as royal as a classic Disney movie. But this movie is not our basic, cliché Disney rom-com. Merida, the protagonist, fights her way to escape from her destiny of ending up becoming someone’s wife.

She sets a great example, especially for young girls to look up to. Merida proves that princesses are not just elegant and fragile but also brave, ambitious, and powerful. Her adventure, including awe-worthy fighting sequels, makes the movie a great watch. Besides this is a completely different side of Disney.

15. Finding Nemo (2003)

Nemo, son of Marlin, a citizen of the Great barrier reef, gets abducted from the sea. Terrified and lonely Nemo, faces all kinds of troubles adjusting far from his dad in weird and scary niches. Marlin, along with Dory, a forgetful clownfish, is determined to bring him back home.  

This is an adventurous, hilarious yet emotional journey of bringing baby Nemo home. The best part is that this movie also throws light on the fact that, at times, humans can be very mean towards nature.

I mean, I get it; after adulting, we all prefer realism, fantastic science fiction, and a classic Christopher Nolan movie, but sometimes it is good to embrace the child in us and find the comfort and positivity animated movies radiate. Especially when our minds are probably going through a lot right now, it could be really fun to watch animated movies with our siblings and parents.

So, grab some snacks, take your pick and enjoy! 🙂

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