Here Are Some Timeless Wardrobe Choices That Will Never Fail You

Is your wardrobe overflowing with clothes and still you’ve got nothing to wear? Are you a shopaholic and remain loyal to basics? Well, if yes then Capsule Wardrobe is just your thing. A capsule wardrobe is a collection of the most casual clothes that you have including the season essentials like shirts, coats, trousers, white T-shirts, denim, etc. you just need to style them according to the occasion and create some cool new looks for yourself.

We’ll start with some of the most basic essentials that you need:


Dark Jeans because it is always in fashion and matches with everything, be it a black tee or a white shirt it goes well with every cloth. You can select any jeans on the base of your body type.


Skirts are great for spring and summer. They can be used for every occasion and every place. Be it a formal office meeting or a party at a beech skirts can be worn at either of the locations. YOU can add skirts according to your suitability, skater, pencil or A-line, that is entirely your choice. One of the critical pointers is that the skirt needs to black and black shares a compatible relationship with the rest of the colors.

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white shirt tee tank top

They say whenever in doubt where white. I think they’re correct, and white is your savior as it can be teamed up with whichever color you want and looks terrific with the blue jeans. Elegant, simple and humble white Tee, Tank top or shirt is a must to have, and you can create hundreds of styles with the white tee you have.


Denim never runs out of fashion you can pair them with tank tops, dresses, shirts, tees’ and the list goes on. Be it a Denim Shirt or a Jacket it would save you in a situation when you’re in a hurry or when you’re running late.  Now, you can buy any shade of the denim which suits or the tone you like but make sure it goes with all your dresses so that you can team it up together.


Well, this is undoubtedly on the most wanted list and is an evergreen thing for fashion lovers.  The LBD is a girl’s best friend and BUY according to fit of the dress and don’t just limit yourself to the selection of your LBD. You can wander into other types of boho, tank, skater, etc.

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Well, an amazing fact about blouses and shirts are that you can wear them to work and can team them up with jeans and hence it becomes a casual wear. You can go with basic colors like black, white or light blue.


When Winter arrives cardigans/shrugs are the new style statement, and these cardigans can be worn as shrugs too. You need to buy some basic colors like black, gray, white and beige so that you can team them up with different tops and tees and also this can be fun as it renews your entire wardrobe. So, just grab them.

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This is a personal favorite as it creates many layers and textures to your look. If in case you are a bit heavy then go for vertical stripes as they will make you look tall and will create an illusion of you being tall. In case you’re skinny do the opposite and buy horizontal lines and team up with anything you’ll look great.


When you have a pair of all white shoes, you are in a win-win situation. White shoes are simple and yet so much funky. They go well with everything, yes everything. Be it dresses, jeans, shorts, white shoes are our hero.


heels pumps stilettos

Heels are the best friend of a girl, and every girl needs a pair of heels to go a party or for that board meeting. Yes, heels are in play everywhere. So, when buying heels make sure that the pair fits comfortably in your foot. And buy some basic colors which go smoothly with all the colors. Preferably buy a pair of black heels and a pair of nude shade heels because these basic shades compliment all the colors.


blazers sweaters

Yeah, it’s  cold, but that doesn’t mean that you would go out of style. Does it? Well. NO. Blazers are perfect for formal settings and coats are a boon for winters. For this you need to some basic colours that you like according to your clothes, some light shades and some dark, so that all your clothes are in the play.


Sounds cliché? Doesn’t it? However it’s not you’re wondering about. For the functioning of your Capsule Wardrobe you need to get few things in mind, which are:

  • You should mix and match the colours and prints of your clothes.
  • Wear a plain black tee or tank top beneath a denim shirt and can team it up with light or dark jeans and cherry on the cake, sum it up with your evergreen white shoes.
  • Never wear two textured fabrics together, lest you’re teaming your tops with  denims.
  • Do not wash your essential clothes often as they would be worn out and you could have to discard them soon.
  • Whenever wearing something printed team it up with plain contrasting colour.
  • You can create many outfits with limited number of clothes.

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