Psychic Surgery: Miracle Or Deception? The Truth Unraveled.

“Psychic Surgery” is a form of healing. The healer performs the surgery on the conscious patient with bare hands. The doctor first opens the patient’s body and removes the diseased material followed by, the subsequent closing of the body leaving no scars or marks.


This practice was first introduced to the public in the year 1960. Because of the scientifically unexplainable nature of this operation, it was listed as a ‘paranormal’ phenomenon.

It was initially known as “bloodless surgery” and was later renamed as “Psychic Surgery”. It became well known among American and European citizens who were interested in miraculous healings.

Doctors dealing with chronically or terminally ill patients obviously needed to inform them when biomedical sciences could no longer aid them. Obviously, there were many patients who refused to give in and went to great lengths to find a cure. Hence, Psychic Surgery somehow landed up.

Positive feedback on Psychic Surgery offered patients complete and immediate recovery. There is a long history of patients traveling the world in search of miraculous cures, especially in the US. Hence, the stories of miraculous healings in the Philippines found a ready audience owing to various magazines.

Via Source: Mystic John Culbertson

At first, countless reports sprung up about miraculous healings taking place and people from the western continents started looking up for the healer’s names whom they had read about in the magazines.

As the number of these stories started to increase rapidly, a number of foreign patients went home with their own recoveries and film showing bizarre surgeries, more people started going to the Philippines with their own chronic and terminal problems.

By 1966, the topic had sparked enough interest among the masses that a book “Wonder Healers of Philippines” by Harold Sherman made its way to the shelf. It advertised and supported the stories of these miracles. However, this also gave way to accusations of fraud as skeptics noticed that the mere appearance of operations could be easily imitated by magicians using sleight-of-hand.

Around 1972-1973, when this healing was at the height of its interest, some disturbing revelations started coming up. Some patients started facing a lot of medical issues after they had discontinued the operations.

What is Psychic Surgery?

As mentioned before, Psychic healers are gifted to heal chronic and/or terminal ailments with their bare hands. They provide you with massive amount of healing energy to cure your disease(s) and boost your immune system.

They don’t specialize in any disease, the spirits are channeled to tune the body, remove blockages and unwanted matters.

Via Source: Medical Daily

The treatment takes only a few minutes. It does not use any instruments, anesthesia, scalpel cut, stitches, side effects, or a long recovery period. There will be no scar and you will be able to resume your normal life after the treatment.

Although hundreds and thousands of people over the years have given a positive feedback and claimed that they were actually cured by this, there are still people who widely boycott this practice and believe its nothing but a trickery.

Many people are indeed fake and give the healers a bad name but there are genuine healers in the Philippines who can help you as and when biomedical practices have failed.

It is advisable to consult your doctor about your ailment before taking up any other treatments.


The only way to know for sure if Psychic Surgery is real or not would be to re-examine the old assumption of a separation between mind and body, and simultaneously considering if ending the separation between biomedicine and psychology would be a better approach to medicine in general.

If doctors start treating patients like people rather than just bodies, doctors can relearn how to engender the same sort of belief and trust that helps cure psychosomatic diseases worldwide.

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