All Weird Facts About Sneezing You Need To Know

A sneeze is to make a sudden involuntary expulsion of air from the nose and mouth due to irritation of one’s nostrils, according to science. There are specific nerves responsible for this action. It is a complicated process, and you cannot miss out these surprising facts about sneezing!

Humans can’t sneeze with their eyes open!

weird facts about sneezing


This is an involuntary action. While a massive sneeze can put much amount of pressure behind one’s eyes, it’s not right to do that kind of damage. Wondering you’ve sneezed and never realized? Not only you, but the scientists are also wondering!

A sneeze can travel up to 100 miles an hour

sneeze can travel 100 miles an hour


So those drops in you sneeze are quite fast and can travel up to 6 feet! The faster the air travels, the louder the noise becomes, as simple as that!

A single sneeze produces up to 40,000 droplets.

single sneeze produces 40,000 droplets


And send roughly 100,000 germs into the air. So no explanations! This is why you are recommended to sneeze into your elbow or tissue. Please.

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Many sneezing catalysts makes us sneeze.

sneezing catalysts makes us sneeze


Dust, pollen, and pepper are considered the most common sneeze catalysts. Especially pungent aromas and temperature fluctuations like coming in touch with colder air can make us sneeze too. Plucking our eyebrows also triggers sneezes, and can stimulate nerves in an area connected to the nose. For similar reasons, rubbing one’s eyes and popping pimples causes the same reaction.

Sneezing’s official name is sternutation.

Sneezing’s official name is sternutation


Sternutation is a Latin word and is a descendant of the verb ‘sternuere,’ meaning “to sneeze.” Well, Sternutation is the formal word for a sneeze (and you don’t need to use it).

While asleep, you can’t sneeze!

While asleep, you can't sneeze


While sleeping, you give your mind and body rest for a while and so does the nerves responsible for this uncontrollable action are at rest, and these cannot be provoked.

Iguanas sneeze!

Iguanas sneeze


Reptile sneezing is how they shed their bodies of certain salts that are the standard by-product of their digestive processes. This doesn’t indicate any problem in diet and isn’t signs of a respiratory infection in reptiles.

So these are the fun-filled facts and for all your ‘excuse me’, I wish you ‘bless you’ after every sneeze!

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