• LifestyleThings only a True Friend does

    7 Things only a True Friend does

    Your explanations under the subheadings are very superficial and slightly off-key. All the sentences under a heading should contribute to explaining the point, making it more clear instead of going in a different direction. In every aspect of life, we need a true and real friend by our side. We, as humans, tend to enjoy the company of people of…

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  • Factsblack eyes

    Black Eyes: A Proven Misconception

    Black eyes are considered the most common eye color, along with green, blue, grey, brown, amber, or hazel eyes. Green, grey, and blue are some rare eye colors, while brown has a majority, but all this is topped by black colored eyes. So are they actually black? Is it possible for a person to see things with black eyes? As…

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  • Health and Wellnesspsychic surgery

    Psychic Surgery: Miracle Or Deception? The Truth Unraveled.

    “Psychic Surgery” is a form of healing. The healer performs the surgery on the conscious patient with bare hands. The doctor first opens the patient’s body and removes the diseased material followed by, the subsequent closing of the body leaving no scars or marks. History This practice was first introduced to the public in the year 1960. Because of the…

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  • FactsAliens

    Aliens Are Real, But Humans Will kill Them All

    Things being what they are, the reason haven’t Earthlings heard a peep from these universes? Where is everyone? Today, this inquiry is also called the Fermi oddity. Specialists have glided numerous conceivable answers throughout the years. Their answers extending from “The Aliens are for the most part stowing away submerged,” to “They all kicked the bucket,” Alexander Berezin is a…

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  • Facts

    The Real Story Behind the Cartoon Nobita and Doraemon

    “Doraemon” is a Japanese series that was created by Fujiko F. Fujiya that revolves around a robotic cat named Doraemon. He travels back in time from the 22nd century to help a boy named Nobita Nobi. Well, Doraemon is preferred by all sorts of people and it has occupied a specific place in our hearts. But if you don’t know about…

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