5 Creative Ideas That Will Make Your Room Cool and Chic

There are a lot of trends that are expected to dominate the interior design in 2019, yet, not all of them fit any home. As a homeowner, it will be your job to make some tough choices based on your home’s size, layout as well as own goals. Remember, it takes a lot of effort to transform a house into a home and the first step on this journey of a thousand miles lies in making the place that you feel comfortable in. Needless to say, as the room in which you spend the majority of your free time, a living room takes precedence. With that in mind and without further ado, here are several creative ideas that will make your room cool and chic.

5 Creative Ideas That Will Make Your Room Cool and Chic

1. Low-hanging pendant light

One of the things that a lot of people want to achieve in the living room is a sense of intimate coziness. This can be quite problematic if the room is huge or has a particularly high ceiling. One of the ways to create an optical illusion of a smaller, more compact space is to use a low-hanging chandelier or, in this particular case, a pendant light. With this simple trick on your side, you’ll create one of the warmest and most intimate conversation areas. This is great for when you have guests, as well as for some quality time you want to spend with your family.

2. Visual and sensory texture

Previously, we’ve mentioned the importance of how the room feels, several times already and one of the ways in which you can contribute to this is by combining visual and sensory texture. The simplest way to do so is to look for materials that have not just a unique look but also a unique texture. Here, we’re not talking just about fabrics and texture but about the shelving and countertops, as well. For those who want to include other senses, scented candles (even DIY crafted ones) can be a huge plus.

3. Let there be light

cosy armchairs surrounded by 2 plants

In the first section, we’ve already mentioned one light fixture, yet, it’s also quite important that your home has enough natural light. Natural light is pivotal both for the way you feel within your own home and for the mental health of all the inhabitants. For example, in some parts of Australia (like NSW) there are parts of the year when this light can be too intense, which is why you might want to look for a way to dim it down a bit. Your first solution would be to check out where to buy curtains in Sydney and see what they have on offer. Other than this, you can also look for some frame blinds or even install a retractable awning right outside of your biggest window.

4. Change your sofa shape

There are a lot of people who see it as their first priority to try and make their living room unique. When it comes to this, there’s nothing that does the trick quite like a new sofa shape. Think about it, when it comes to the living room design, this is one thing that the majority of people won’t even think about twice. However, an unorthodoxly shaped sofa can even become a focal point of your living room, instead of being its peripheral part.

5. A reading nook

Instead of trying to make your living room into a single entity, why not think a bit outside of the box and try to raise thematic walls and segment the area to your own liking. One such independent area should be a reading nook and the ideal spot to place it should be right next to your window. Pulling up a window seat is one of the most creative and functional updates that your living room could ever receive but remember to find an adequate floor lamp, as well, for some late night reading.

In conclusion

As you can see, the list goes on and on and there’s virtually no limit to your possibilities. The most important metric, nonetheless, is your own satisfaction with the outcome of this decoration project. So, you need to plan, plan and plan again until you’re 100 percent sure that your living room is, indeed, living up to your every expectation.

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