The Biggest Trend in Interior Design: Say Hello to Concrete!

So many modern spaces are being designed using concrete as one of the base elements for the room. Raw and beautiful, concrete became a part of many homes as walls, furniture, and décor elements because of its ability to mix well with many materials. Introducing concrete to your home is sure to give it some edge with its raw look, and it will serve as a blank canvas for other things you want to incorporate into your living space. If you’re not sure about the ways you can include concrete into your home, we’re giving you five reasons to say yes to the concrete trend.

Concrete goes Perfect with the Industrial Design

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One thing we can all agree on is that concrete integrates perfectly into homes designed in industrial style. This style draws its inspiration from workspaces like old factories and industrial spaces. They try to accentuate the building materials that everyone tries to hide with paint and expose them in their natural form.

To some people, industrial rooms might seem unfinished. Still, that’s the charm of the industrial style – making the space look like a warehouse and leaving the impression of a work in progress. Industrial spaces often use a lot of wood and metal surfaces, and concrete mixes well with them.

Concrete Walls Make a Great Focal Point

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You can go with concrete for vertical spaces, too. Opt for one bold accent wall that’s going to be in concrete – too many concrete walls around you might feel overwhelming. Paint the other walls in neutral colors such as white, grey and black – they will complement each other and add an air of elegance. With their raw look, concrete walls they are bound to draw the attention of everyone, so they make a great focal point without you even trying.

No longer do you need to think about adding visual weight to your room – a concrete wall is going to do it for you. They’re noticeable the minute you walk into a room, and they add so much texture to your living space that implementing just a few decorative items will suffice. What you get is a modern, minimalist look where the accent is on raw beauty.

Concrete Floors Add a Modern Touch to Your Space

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The versatility of concrete is shown perfectly in its application – it can be used for larger surfaces and also for some details. Opting for a concrete floor is a great idea if you’re aiming for a more raw, simple look of your home. You can order decorative concrete and let the professionals turn your living space into a modern haven. You can go for a natural look, polished stone look, or you can have it coloured.

They look best in spaces with the open concept since there are no doors and hallways to disrupt the continuity of concrete flooring. Using concrete flooring is a subtle and refined way to modernize your space and is an affordable alternative to rustic-finished woods that complement the modern aesthetic.

Concrete Surfaces are Easy to Maintain

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Even though concrete surfaces were reserved for floors in garages, basements, and factories, many homeowners are incorporating concrete floors into their modern homes and loft apartments. It appears in different forms – polished, etched or stained.

There are also people that prefer the natural look of the concrete, and they use it in its primary form. Concrete surfaces do not require vacuuming, mopping or scrubbing the floors as it’s the case with traditional types of flooring. They require the minimum amount of effort to clean them. It only needs to be waxed or sealed once or twice a year in order to make the protective layer last you longer. How often you need to repeat the process depends on the level of traffic throughout the room.

Most Concrete Decor are DIY-able

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The thing that makes all the crafty people excited about introducing concrete to their home is its versatility and also the multitude of concrete items that can easily be DIY-ed. There are many tutorials and DIY concrete ideas online that can teach you how to make cute concrete planters, lovely lamp shades and elegant candle holders that are sure to draw the attention. Spray paint them in gold or silver tones to for a modern and sophisticated look.

The best thing about DIYs is that even a complete beginner in crafting can make them if they follow the directions carefully. Most of them require pouring concrete in containers to get certain shapes and then smoothing the edges to make them look polished and neat. Other than having a lot of fun crafting them, making DIY concrete decor you’ll be incorporating a touch of industrial style into your home while also personalizing your living area with your artwork.

Incorporating concrete into your living space can be done in different ways depending on how much you are into the concrete trend. It is raw, bold and takes a lot of courage to implement it into a living space. One thing’s for sure – the concrete trend will continue to be a part of the modern industrial interior design because of its ability to be both bold and subtle addition to chic contemporary spaces.

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