14 Benefits of Running For Beginners!

Running: the most popular exercise ever practised by humans. And more often, the thing which comes to your rescue when chased by a dog or when you are about to miss your bus.

Have you ever wondered what benefits running might have apart from just being a form of exercise?

Are you still wondering?

We’ve got you! Let us look at the fantastic benefits we receive when we go out on a nice run!

Don’t forget to go through the entire article for some tips for beginners!

14 Benefits of Running For Beginners!

1. Cardiovascular Health Booster

Our body is amazingly adaptable to changes. When we do extensive aerobic (oxygen requiring) exercise like taking a run, our entire cardiovascular system is upgraded to handle that exercise. And in this process, our system (lungs, heart, and entire vascular system) becomes more efficient.

Even studies show that 5-10 of running at slow speeds reduces your risk of dying from heart disease.

Now that you know this, you should probably try going for runs regularly. All you have to do is get some joggers, lace up your running shoes and you are all set.

2. Helps in Bone Strengthening

Are you surprised?

Most people think that running might cause injury to your bones and knees. But the scenario is entirely different here. Every time you pound, your bones and cartilages are stressed, which causes them to spring back even more robust. Thus, strengthening them.

Moreover, studies and researches also show that going on runs regularly reduces the risk of Osteoarthritis.

3. Decreases fatigue

The most unexpected thing, but it’s true. According to a study from the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, running decreases fatigue and might help keep your mind sharp as you age. It boosts the size of the hippocampus (involved in verbal memory and reasoning).

4. Stress Relief

Stress is an issue that can cause plenty of emotional and health problems. While you run, your focus is on setting goals, and you don’t stress about something. Your mind feels refreshed, and you can feel your stress dissipate slowly but surely.

5. Help Mild Depression

A study at Harvard University has identified that with endorphins released while you run, the severity of depression decreases. An ACMS Health and Fitness Journal study had shown that physical activity is an effective way of treating depression.

Endorphins are certain chemicals produced by our bodies to relieve stress and pain, so go on a run, and you’ll find that you might start feeling better!

6. Improves Your Immunity

You increase your stamina, endurance, and fitness levels when you run. By helping you improve your lifestyle and your body, running also boosts your immunity against common ailments and diseases!!

7. Great for Weight Loss and Leg Workouts

Well, this might be known to many of you out there. To run, you need fuel/energy. Calories do this work for you. The more you run, the more calories you burn. It also helps in keeping that weight off, which is most important. Running is like a dozen workouts. You get all in one. It strengthens your core, inner thighs, outer thighs, quads, and hamstrings.

Having known these many advantages, you probably will cancel your gym membership, aren’t you?

(Fact time: Running burns 50% more calories than walking)

8. Helps You Maintain A Healthy Weight

So maybe you tried running along with a calorie deficit diet and were able to shed a few stubborn pounds. That surely cannot be the end of your goal. Or maybe you’re struggling to put on weight and stay healthy. You already know what’s coming: Run!!

Running helps you stay fit and make sure that your body receives all the exercise that it requires! You might notice that eating healthy isn’t making much of an impact. That is because your body needs exercise and a good night’s rest. Running will fulfil your need for exercise and tire you enough to knock you off come nighttime!

9. Helps With Your Back

Everyone is sitting in front of a laptop/computer now. With the world shifting online, back pains and strains are the most common complaints one hears. It might be hard to believe that many common misconceptions about running have a negative impact, but those misconceptions have been put to rest. The next time you feel your back become stiff and start to hurt, go for a run and stick to it. You’ll find your back pains reduce in no time!

10. Improved Sleep

For all the Insomniacs out there…

Studies have found that running improves sleep which in turn cures Insomnia. The process is quite simple. When a person runs, he gets tired. All he needs is some proper rest. And nothing is better than a sound sleep.

11. Better Cognitive Functioning

Running is said to be a great activity to increase brain function! So not only does it take care of your body and soul, it boosts brain function as well! Running is a great way to prevent the declination of one’s brain, making it an excellent weapon against Alzheimer’s and the like.

12. Blood Pressure Improvement

Having known its importance in cardiovascular fitness, it’s not surprising that running daily will undoubtedly improve your blood pressure. According to some studies, the more exercise your heart gets, the better it regulates blood pressure. And as a result, it reduces your risk of heart disease.

13. Lowers The Risk Of Diabetes

Running, while keeping you healthy is also a great way to improve your body’s sensitivity concerning insulin. By making your body sensitive to insulin, running helps lower blood sugar levels, making it a splendid way to combat diabetes.

14. Increases Your Life Span

So we know that running increases the quality of our lives. It also increases your life span, and with running, a few extra years will be filled with fun and good health. Since running takes care of our bodies and minds so tremendously, we stay fit and fab for longer! Isn’t that a great incentive to strap on those running shoes?

Tips for Beginners

  • A good run or jogging as agreed by all is the cheapest and more effective sport. All you need is a t-shirt, joggers and a pair of shoes. But keep in mind that you invest in the right shoes. The ones that provide more comfort to your foot.

(Fact time: Your shoes begin to wear down after they have been used for 300-500 miles)

  • Stretch, stretch, and stretch…

Before you start to run, you must warm up and stretch properly. So that running does not cause damage to your muscles.

(Fact time: 200 muscles are at work when you take a step to run.)

  • Stay Hydrated

Before, during, and after running, you must take the right amount of water to maintain your body temperature. It also stores much-needed energy in your body.

  • Start slowly. Don’t rush.

Start with brisk walking, jogging, and slow running, and eventually, you may increase your runtime and running speed.


Running is cheap and convenient. Also, it has no age barrier. Now that you know that running does, running has many long-time benefits apart from saving you from street dogs.

All you have to do is make up your mind, lace up your shoes, and be Ready…  Steady… Go…

(Fact time: In the late 1900s, running was called “pedestrianism.”)

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