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    Mystery Around The Bermuda Triangle: What Is The Truth?

    No one would have ever imagined a place responsible for the vanishing of several airplanes and ships that, too, without any trace. But, to our surprise, there exists such a place. No one is aware of the genuine truth, but people have been speculating the reason behind such mystery around the Bermuda Triangle for centuries. Image credits- Dailyexpress.com Bermuda Triangle…

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  • Did You Know About The 11 Missing Days Of Agatha Christies Life?

    If you’re an avid reader of crime novels, Agatha Christie will be a name you must have heard. She’s one of those amazing writers who could keep you glued to her book until you’ve reached the last page. But even if you’ve managed to read all of her mysteries, there’s a certain story we bet you may have not even…

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