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    Mystery Around The Bermuda Triangle: What Is The Truth?

    No one would have ever imagined a place responsible for the vanishing of several airplanes and ships that, too, without any trace. But, to our surprise, there exists such a place. No one is aware of the genuine truth, but people have been speculating the reason behind such mystery around the Bermuda Triangle for centuries. Image credits- Dailyexpress.com Bermuda Triangle…

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  • FactsBizarre laws from around the world

    8 Bizarre Laws From Around The World

    What if you visit a country in order to enjoy a vacation and are put behind bars or fined a hefty amount for something you don’t even consider a ‘crime’? Yes, you may be punished for the weirdest and the absurd reasons that you may have never thought of! Here are some most bizarre laws from countries around the world…

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