• FactsIs Death Really The End Of It All?

    Is Death Really The End Of It All?

    Have you ever wondered about death? I’m sure you must have, so here are a few hypotheses put up after some research and development and some concocted stories cooked up in this little brain. Some religions claim that we go to heaven or hell, depending on the deeds we do in this lifeline. What Happens After Death? No one really…

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  • Factsmale cook

    Every Family In This Indian Village Of Kalayur Has a Male Cook!

    Unique Village of Kalayur: Where Cooking Takes a Twist! Food has been an integral part of a human’s life since times immemorial. Every place on this planet has its own special palette. And every corner is filled with a unique fragrance. A foodie can hardly miss out on the smells and sights of a delicious meal. While every country can boast…

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