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    Aghori The Unsung believers of Lord Shiva

    What strikes you when you hear the word ‘aghori’ ? Few might think, ‘ huh what’s that’? And few who actually have a clue, might think why aghori now? First let me just brief you a bit little about them, so that you can get a clear image. via: Aghori – They are ascetic Shiva sadhus. The Aghori engage…

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  • FactsIs Death Really The End Of It All?

    Is Death Really The End Of It All?

    Have you ever wondered about death? I’m sure you must have, so here are a few hypotheses put up after some research and development and some concocted stories cooked up in this little brain. Some religions claim that we go to heaven or hell, depending on the deeds we do in this lifeline. What Happens After Death? No one really…

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  • Factskallu Doms

    Death and Story of the Kallu Doms

    A person attains Moksha/Mukti post-death and attains ultimate liberation, is a concept of Hinduism that equates death to attainment of freedom from the tangled web of life. In India, a community whose livelihood depends on this Hindu belief is the Dom community. The daily occupation of the Doms or Kallu Doms, as they are often called, includes cremating the dead.…

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  • History

    Chernobyl Way of Life: Uses of Vodka You Did Not Know About!

    Something happened on  25-26 April 1986, in a small town called Pripyat, 104km from Kiev- the capital of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. A series of uncontrolled nuclear reactions took place in the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant during a late-night security check when safety systems were intentionally set off. It is now, known as the most disastrous nuclear malfunction in history.…

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  • FactsAnimals commit suicide

    Can Animals Commit Suicide Too?

    Introduction: Via Allindiatimes The term “Suicide” is derived from the Latin word  “Suicidium” which means “The act of taking one’s own life”. It ’s kind of a self-destruction that human beings use to end their lives. There could be many reasons why someone attempts suicide, Doctors have claimed that “a person who is suffering from some kind of a mental…

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