Unconditional love for food!! Overeating of food can be killer



Yes don’t get shocked, obsession of everything is bad. But let me tell you not only bad overeating of food items can literally kill you. Here i am going to list down the eatables and the reason how they can lead you finally to death.

1. Chocolates

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Yes, almost all time favorite chocolates can kill us. A report states that eating 22lb of chocolate in one sitting can be lethal. There is a high content of theobromine in chocolate which in overdose can lead to nausea and vomiting earlier by activation nervous system. Later progresses to epileptic fits and internal bleeding, cardiac infarction finally ending up in the death of the individual.

2. Bananas

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You must have heard of eating 7 bananas in one sitting can kill you but that’s just a myth rather eating 400 bananas can surely kill you. Banana contains a high level of potassium if taken in large amount it can cause hyperkalemia leading to electrolyte imbalance and then death.

3. Water

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Astonished! Yes for a surprise excessive water intake that is three times the daily requirement can shut down the functioning of your kidneys. Finally leading to internal organ failure and brain oedema.

4. Coffee

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 Yes, your favorite cup of coffee is lethal too. Taking 250ml or 113 cups of coffee in one sitting can cause your death.

5. Apples

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If you take all the seeds out of eight apples and crush them and take it in one go, you will probably die due to intoxication.

So we advise you to enjoy your favorite items every day but do not overdose, keep this article in mind before you go for it. Never eat out of the box. Obsession can be dangerously killer for you. Stay healthy, eat good food, do well and stay happy.

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