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8 Reasons Why You Should Eat A Rainbow Meal

What is your idea of a healthy meal? What does your ideal healthy meal include? How often do you adhere to the consumption of a healthy meal?

Food and health are terms that are equivalently related to one another. In order to sustain a healthy and happy lifestyle, it is essential to keep your taste buds, stomach, and bodily nutritional value satisfied.

It is often noticed that food is a sensitive topic to approach in the majority of households worldwide. Even with the differences in food and traditional culture, there are similarities between eating habits in terms of health and nutrition. This is a notable and recurring problem with children and teens. It is quite a task to make them eat healthy food in order to provide their body with essential nutritional properties to boost their growth process. This is where the concept of ‘eating a rainbow meal’ comes into the picture.

What does a ‘rainbow meal’ mean?

A rainbow meal refers to a diet plan that consists of blending different fruits and vegetables with a slight twist of nuts and seeds to make it a wholesome healthy dish.

It is a relatively appealing meal with a colorful look and flavorful taste that is more than in the favor of the kid’s taste buds. Also, it is important to understand that to make your family consume these healthy and nutritionally rich meals you can add certain healthy twists to it even when it is a part of a diet. There are no restrictions as such on a diet food to not taste flavorful and taste rich. It is a myth to believe that diet food is all about bland and raw food.

However, the rainbow meal is considered to be exceptionally rich in terms of nutritional properties such as fibers, vitamins, minerals, protein, good carbs and fats, and antioxidants. Since it is a mixture of various food products that have their own individual health benefits it is an additional benefit to have put them together in a dish to make it a whole healthy meal. 

8 Reasons Why You Should Eat A Rainbow Meal

1. Supreme supply of nutrients

The concept of a rainbow meal is especially appealing in terms of looks, taste, and nutritional benefits. The combination of various fresh Ingredients in the making of the meal adds value to its nutritional properties. It makes a mix of supplements that are a powerhouse of nutrients that are beneficial for the smooth and healthy functioning of the body. The blend of various essential minerals, vitamins, fibers, and healthy fats increase the weightage of the diet meal.

2. Visually appealing to kill boredom

A rainbow meal is especially appealing to the kids and teenagers who show resistance to eating a healthy diet meal. A meal that is prepared with fresh colorful vegetables with an adequate amount of spices and a little bit of garnishing is a trick to make them eat the diet yet delicious healthy food. Also, it is believed that if a meal is backed by colors it aids in the tendency of rejecting it with the look of it. Hence, a rainbow meal helps with the nagging boredom of having a plain meal every day with a little tampering to it here and there.

3. Variant flavors for the taste buds

There are as such no restrictions on adding flavors to your diet meal. In fact, some studies have shown that a certain amount of spices are stored with nutritional properties of their own. Therefore, adding a seasoning of spices to your rainbow meal is just like a cheery on top. It adds to the look and flavor of the meal and is a major turning point for the taste buds. Certain herbs and spices are rich in their essence that it makes the dish all the more healthy and tasty.

4. Easy and quick to prepare

A rainbow meal is interpreted to have to be easy and quick in the preparation process. The ingredients consisting of plant foods and animal foods can be creatively used in a combination mix that is healthy and quick to cook. A number of healthy alternatives can be prepared with the rainbow Ingredients like without bun burger with lettuce and meat and additional veggies, chicken salad, vegetable or fruit sandwiches, etc.

5. Lower risk of tampering with the weight

Eating a diet meal that is a storehouse of proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory has numerous health benefits among which weight management is also one. Eating a low carb diet curbs the appetite and keeps the stomach full for longer hours. This is exceptional when an individual is aiming towards a goal of losing or maintaining weight.

6. Understanding the need to love our food

A rainbow dit is a stepping stone towards learning the necessary factor of loving our food. It you don’t love your food similarly it won’t love you as well. Selective eating or keeping leftovers would bring about a negative relationship between you and your nutritional intake. Hence, a beautifully nutritional rainbow meal would bring out a positive vibe that would connect you with your bodily necessity of nutrients by having to love your food.

7. Make the most from the colorful options of fruits and vegetables

It is important to understand the equation of including both fruits and vegetables in a meal to make it nutritionally rich. All the fruits and vegetables group have the nutritional value of their own which are beneficial in maintaining a healthy diet meal plan. It is essential to have a good enough knowledge about the benefits that they offer and how you can manipulate them in a Smart way.

8. Open to experimenting with, while keeping the nutritional value intact

The best advantage of having a rainbow meal is the fact that it gives you ample options for cooking a number of meals and showing your creativity and expertise of nutrients while forming a healthy combination. You have the liberty to develop a uniquely delicious meal with your choice of ingredients with your own methods. The positive that you could experiment and play around with your ingredients without having the risk of the nutritional properties being tampered with. Support as a healthy alternative to desirable cravings.

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